Where to Charge Electric Vehicles in Hermosa Beach

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Hermosa Beach is lucky enough to have a beautiful beach and community that gives us endless outdoor recreation options as well as attract visitors from all over.

If something happens to the ocean, the beach, and all the fantastic natural wonders that surround our town though, then our home wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we’re all for green transportation like bikes and electric vehicles. Accordingly, we’ve written where you can charge electric vehicles in Hermosa Beach below. Keep reading to see where to charge electric vehicles in Hermosa Beach, then visit Beach Bound for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Electric Vehicles Get Free Street Parking in Certain Areas in Hermosa Beach

Even if you don’t need to charge your car, then you can still benefit from Hermosa Beach’s green infrastructure.

Wherever there is a silver cap-on street parking meter, 100% electric or 100% CNG vehicles may park for the full time limit in the spot for free. If you’re a resident of Hermosa Beach, then there is also no charge for parking permit stickers for 100% electric or 100% CNG cars.

You must move your car after the maximum parking time has passed, and hybrid or plug-on hybrid vehicles do not qualify for free parking.

Electric Vehicle Parking Near Hermosa Pier

Pier Plaza and Hermosa Beach Pier are the heart of Hermosa Beach, so it only makes sense that there is electric vehicle charging near them.

  • The first charging station is in Parking Lot A at Hermosa Ave. and 11th.


  • Further away, there are electric charging stations in the municipal parking structure between 14th and 13th St.


  • There are also electric charging stations along Pier Avenue, as well as several near the Vons on Ardmore and 16th.


  • For a map of electric charging stations in Hermosa Beach, click here.

In total there are over 35 charging stations in Hermosa Beach, so make sure to bring your electric car to Hermosa!

Go Green with an E-Bike

If you don’t have an electric car, you can still go green with your transportation. Hermosa Beach is a highly bikeable city, and the Strand is a beautiful way to bike and see the beach. We love e-bikes because they’re environmentally friendly, easy to ride, and great exercise.

We rent all kinds of e-bikes out, and are happy to set you up for your next, or first, e-bike ride through Hermosa Beach!

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