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Life Jacket – 1 Day Rental


One of the most fun parts of spending the day at the beach is enjoying a variety of activities in the water, from surfing to swimming and paddleboarding. When you and your family are out in the water, it’s essential to do everything you can to stay safe, and a life jacket is one of the most important safety items to carry with you. Our Kent life jackets are Coast Guard approved and provide outstanding buoyancy and comfort.

Kent I Adult Life Jacket:

Our adult life jacket is made of inherently buoyant foam and features SOLAS-grade reflective patches for optimal visibility, a D-ring for attaching accessories such as a whistle or a safety light, and adjustable straps to ensure you get a snug fit. This jacket fits adults 90 pounds and up.

Kent I Kid’s Life Jacket:

Our kid’s life jacket is made of the same buoyant foam as our adult life jacket, and it has a float collar for extra head support as well as large armholes for enhanced mobility. The SOLAS-grade reflective patches provide increased visibility, and the adjustable belts and tie straps at the neck and waist make sure your child gets a snug fit.

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