Is It Safe to Ride an E-Bike?

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Is It Safe to Ride an E Bike

E-bikes are one of the most popular ways for people to get around their favorite California hot spots, and it doesn’t take long to want to give one a try. Safety is always a priority when you’re on public streets and walking paths, and seeing e-bikes whizzing around could cause you to feel a sense of concern. When used properly, an e-bike is as safe as other forms of human and electric-powered transportation. Paying attention to these tips helps you increase your safety as you try out this fun form of transportation.

Respect the Increased Speed

A typical e-bike reaches speeds of about 20 mph before it stops providing assistance. Considering the average bicycle can go as fast as 14 miles per hour on human power alone, you should feel relatively comfortable even if you reach the highest speed. However, that extra bit of speed can make a difference in the outcome of an accident. While it’s great to be able to get places faster, you might want to reduce your speed when you’re in a big crowd of pedestrians.

Make Sure the Bike Is Safe

Hermosa beach bike rentals are an excellent way to give an e-bike a try before you buy, and you might even prefer to rent one when you’re traveling to avoid the hassle of transporting your own. Make sure to only rent a bike from a reputable company so you know your bike is safe. You’ll also want to give it a good inspection before you take off on your adventure. Double-checking to make sure the tires are inflated and that it has a safety light makes it easier to enjoy your ride.

Learn How to Use Hand Signals

Some e-bikes come outfitted with signal lights, but most don’t. This means you’ll need to use hand signals to let other people around you know your next move. Learning how to show you’re stopping or turning only takes a few minutes. If you aren’t sure how, do an online search or ask your rental guide if you can practice a few times before you hit the pavement.

Use Bike Lanes when You Can

One of the many wonderful things about Hermosa Beach is that you’ll find pathways designed for every type of transportation. When you can, it’s best to ride in the bike lanes. Motorists know to check these areas before they make lane changes or turns. You’ll also have more freedom to utilize the faster speed, since you won’t be surrounded by pedestrians.

Take Personal Safety Precautions

As a final note, you’ll want to take personal responsibility for staying safe out there. If you don’t have a helmet, add it in with your e-bike rental. You’ll also want to avoid distracted riding. While your bike’s motor can propel you, it can’t help with paying attention to your surroundings. Staying in the moment allows you to enjoy the best ride of your life and be able to remember each amazing sight.

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