Your Beach Picnic Checklist

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If anyone understands wanting to spend an entire day at the beach, it’s the team here at Beach Bound since we live and work right here in Hermosa Beach.

One of the best ways to do just that is by bringing a picnic so you can eat, drink, and be happy without sand and water ruining your meal on the beach. That’s why we’ve put together a short beach picnic checklist. Check it out to make planning your beach picnic a breeze, and then visit the Beach Bound shop for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Umbrella and Chairs

You don’t need anything to walk on the beach other than your two feet, but if you’re going to sit on the beach and truly relax for an entire day while enjoying great food and drinks you’ll need beach furniture.

Laying on the beach is fun for a short while, but if you’re going to comfortably eat then you’ll need beach chairs. We recommend chairs that have cupholders for your drinks and attachments that make them easy to carry like backpack straps!

In the same vein, you won’t last long on the beach without some sort of shade, and you won’t be able to eat comfortably if you’re hot, sunburned, or any combination of the two. A simple beach umbrella will solve that problem in a flash!

Finger Foods

Now for the star of the show, the food at your beach picnic.

Foods that work well at beach picnics are simple ones like nuts, crackers, and bread since they’re easy to package, transport, and eat. Add in some cheese, jam, and a meat to the equation and you have the makings of a great cheeseboard!

You can also add in a spread like a chicken salad that will go well with bread or crackers and can easily be kept cool in a cooler, or you can put all of the above on bread to make delicious sandwiches.

Just make sure whatever you’re eating at your beach picnic is easy to pack up, cool, and can be eaten with few utensils.

Reusable Cooler

Speaking of the cooler, it’s an absolute must for a beach picnic.

You’ll want a cooler that’s reliable and easy to transport, which typically means a reusable cooler like these which come with backpack straps. We recommend packing an assortment of beverages like seltzers, beer, soda, and plenty of water so that everyone has something to match their tastes!


A small speaker that can easily connected to and won’t be bothered by sand can push your beach picnic from good to great. Just make sure you keep your music low enough to not bother anyone sitting nearby!

Napkins and Hand Sanitizer

Finger foods mean you’ll need napkins and hand sanitizer, so don’t forget it! You can also opt for sanitizing wipes.

No matter what you bring to your beach picnic, make sure you take it back with you so we can all enjoy our beach for generations to come!

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