Will I Need to Wear a Helmet when I’m Riding an E-Bike?

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Because of the “e” part of e-biking, you get more pedal power, which means faster speeds are possible and common. It’s mostly for this reason that you’ll need a helmet when you ride an e-bike. This is also true in a scenic, bike-friendly location like Hermosa Beach. If this is one of the ways you prefer to get around, here’s what you need to know about e-bikes and helmets.

Protection from Head Injuries

With any type of bike, there’s the potential to take a tumble or have an unexpected need to avoid obstructions. When riding an e-bike, it’s not unusual for your speed to get up to around 30 miles per hour. At this speed, it’s possible to suffer serious head injuries if you’re not wearing a helmet. Without a helmet, head injuries you may experience could include:

• Traumatic brain injuries – Any severe jolt or shake has the potential to contribute to a TBI when e-biking or biking in general.

• Concussions – A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that results from a bump to the head that causes the brain to move against the skull and damage internal processes and structures.

Increased Visibility

Granted, in places like Hermosa Beach, it’s easy to have plenty of space when e-biking so you can remain clearly visible. This is particularly true if we’re talking about the Strand, a cemented pedestrian pathway by the beach. However, there can be some visibility issues when e-biking under certain conditions or during certain times of the day. A helmet that’s brighter or reflective makes it easier to remain noticeable as you e-bike to various locations. Visitors who rent e-bikes can usually rent helmets at the same place they get their Hermosa Beach bike rentals.

Choosing the Right Helmet for E-Biking

As for what kind of helmet to wear when e-biking, there are no special e-bike helmets. The only real difference between an e-bike and a traditional bike is the added mechanical features. However, it’s recommended you go with a higher-quality helmet, since a tumble or forceful impact at a higher speed has the potential to do more damage. A helmet that’s more durable and impact resistant gives you an extra layer of protection in such situations.

Helmets with Multidirectional Impact Protection

For e-biking, get the added durability you need in a helmet by looking for one with multidirectional impact protection, or MIP. Over a hundred helmet manufacturers offer helmets with MIP, so it’s not difficult to find one. According to Bikeradar.com, there are more than 700 helmets with this extra protection on the market. The outside of the helmet looks like any other bike helmet, but there’s an added layer of material on the inside. When picking a helmet for e-biking, also consider the following features:

• A brighter, easier-to-spot color
• Comfortable straps
• Sizing—aim for a helmet that’s snug but still loose enough to allow for comfortable head movements
• An attached visor for protection against glare
• An eye-protection shield 

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