Why Should You Visit Hermosa Beach in March?

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Bustling, pristine, relaxing, and charming are just some of the many words that come to mind when discussing Hermosa Beach. Its nickname as the “Best Little Beach City” is certainly well deserved, and it’s a place that’s inviting and welcoming at any time of the year. To prove our point, we go over some of the top reasons March is a great time to come to Hermosa Beach.

There’s No Lingering Winter Chill

Yes, winters here can be wet and a bit chilly. However, once winter begins to wrap up, things usually shift fairly quickly weather-wise. If you’re in a place where there’s still a definite winter chill in the air, a trip to Hermosa Beach can be very much appreciated. Plus, you won’t have any summer heat and humidity to worry about, either!

Gorgeous Views Abound (Often with Smaller Crowds)

Hermosa Beach attracts attention from locals and visitors all year, but March is usually on the lighter side as far as crowds go. Spring break does bring more people to the beaches in the area, but you can always time your visit for earlier or later in the month if this is a concern for you. As for where to check out some gorgeous views in March, popular spots include:

• Hermosa Beach Pier – This is an iconic large pier that provides perfect Pacific Ocean views as you watch the sun set later in the day in March.
• The Strand – On this well-maintained beach-adjacent pathway, you can bike or walk while checking out the view with a refreshing early spring ocean breeze. Explore the area on two wheels by visiting a local shop that offers Hermosa Beach bike rentals.

The Beach Is Always Open

March is hardly a good time to go to the beach in some places. Luckily, this isn’t the case in Hermosa Beach! Since skies are often clearer and less cloudy as winter shifts into spring here, the town’s namesake beach is an appealing destination in March. Come here at any time during this month, and you’ll have two miles of sand to enjoy as you stroll along the beach, play some volleyball, or have fun in the water.

You’ll Enjoy Farmers’ Market Goodies, Delights, & Treats

The Friday Farmers’ Market in Hermosa Beach is once again a regular event in March. Therefore, if you come to this California community during this time, you’ll be able to sample an assortment of fruits and veggies that may be out of season where you live. The farmers’ market also features sellers offering fresh flowers, baked goods, artisanal furniture, and an assortment of other items.

A Great Local Bar Scene

You don’t need to come here just to get your Irish on for St. Patrick’s Day in March to get a good sampling of the local bar scene in Hermosa Beach. Regardless of when you’re able to make your way here, you’ll have no trouble finding local bars and pubs with live music, appealing drink specials, fantastic food, and lively atmospheres.

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