What Makes Hermosa Beach the Top Beach in the LA Area?

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Why Hermosa Beach Is Our Favorite Beach in LA

What’s officially known as Hermosa City Beach is easily one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Los Angeles County. Located in the city also named Hermosa Beach, the beach here has much to offer for locals and visitors alike. In fact, we go even further and offer these reasons it’s our favorite beach in the Los Angeles area.

It’s Spacious & Easily Accessible

Altogether, Hermosa Beach has nearly two miles of oceanfront. The public beach itself covers almost 95 acres. Occupying the entire waterfront, it runs along Santa Monica Bay and into King Harbor in the adjacent Redondo Beach community. It’s extremely easy to access and a beach you can find quickly even if you’re a first-time visitor to Hermosa Beach.

The Surf Is Excellent

Surfing is one of the most popular activities at Hermosa City Beach. The medium tides and dual swells common here make the waters ideal for surfing. The waters are also gentle enough in certain spots for newer surfers thanks to the milder waves common here. You can even pre-book some surfing lessons locally before your visit. Surf festivals also take place locally throughout the year.

The Swimming Is Good

This is an excellent beach to visit if you love to swim. Just pay attention to where the swimming areas are and what needs to be avoided. For instance, for safety reasons, you’re not allowed to swim through the pier pilings. Otherwise, you can have a wonderful time swimming here bathed in natural beauty and plenty of sunshine. Plus, lifeguards are on duty, so it’s a safe place to swim for people of all ages and abilities.

It’s Home to the Hermosa Beach Pier

The Hermosa Beach Pier is an impressive structure located at the beach. It’s also a perfect place to watch the sun go down during your visit. You can even take a look back at the LA area from the pier. Other pier perks worth noting include:

• Shops and restaurants at the entrance
• A pedestrian-only area
• The ability to fish from the pier
• Nearby sand volleyball courts

You Can Do a Lot of Things when Not in the Water

The sandy beach itself is wide enough to allow room for many different water-adjacent activities. The sand volleyball courts mentioned above are a big draw. You should have no problem joining an ongoing game or starting your own. When not enjoying the water, you can also casually stroll along the beach, set up a spot for a picnic, build a sandcastle, or catch some rays. You can also take advantage of Hermosa beach bike rentals while you’re here and enjoy the gorgeous view of the coastline on two wheels.

There Are Many Appealing Beach-Related Amenities

Hermosa Beach is also our favorite beach in LA because of the many amenities found here. Some of the top ones include:

• Nearby parking
• On-site restrooms and showers
• A kid’s play area with playground equipment
• Highly recommended restaurants
• A nearby bike path

If you decide to enjoy a day or two at Hermosa Beach, you won’t need to carry a lot of gear with you. Just stop by and see the friendly folks at Beach Bound Sports, located right near the beach. Whether they’re looking for towels, coolers, water bottles, or bike rentals, Hermosa Beach visitors can find everything they need in our convenient shop. We’re dedicated to providing excellent service and optimal convenience so you can spend your time enjoying the beach. For information about our services and products, give us a call today at 424-275-9115.

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