Why Hermosa Beach is the Perfect Winter Getaway

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We all know about the classic summer getaway to a beach where you relax and refresh, but when it comes to winter trips too many people forget the getaway part.

Whether it’s because they use their winter vacation time to visit family over the holidays or choose to save their time off for the summer, too many people forget to take time to relax during winter. We know because we see just how much they enjoy Hermosa Beach when they get here in winter all the time from the Beach Bound shop.

To help you remember to getaway this winter, the Beach Bound team has listed why Hermosa Beach is the perfect place for a winter vacation. Keep reading, and then stop by the Beach Bound shop for the best beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach once you arrive!

A Small Beach Town Next to the Big City

Hermosa Beach is a small beach community with a beautiful shoreline and lively nightlife, but if you’re looking for more entertainment options it’s also a short drive from Los Angeles.

Don’t get us wrong, Hermosa Beach has everything you need for a full trip, but its proximity to L.A. means that you can wake up to the sound of waves and relax on the sand all day before a night out in one of the best cities in the world if you’d like. Hermosa Beach can also be your base camp for a California coastline adventure since the state’s famous Highway 1 runs right through Hermosa.

That kind of flexibility is rare, so if you or the people you’re travelling with can’t decide what to do on your trip then Hermosa may be the perfect choice!

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Comfortable Beach Weather Year Round

If you live somewhere with cold weather, snowy winters, or both, then you’re going to LOVE it here. It’s 70-80% sunshine here in Hermosa Beach and the surrounding Southern California areas. It rarely rains and snows only in the mountains here in California. You’ll be loving the warm balmy weather in the Summer and the sunny crisp days in the Winter.

If you get tired of scraping ice off your car or layering up every time you go outside, then Hermosa Beach is the perfect escape. We don’t need to sell Southern California’s weather to you, but we will say that when you combine it with an ocean breeze that is always blowing on Hermosa’s coast you may not want to leave!

Avoid the Crowds in the Off Season

You can’t keep a place like Hermosa Beach a secret, so during the summertime people flock here to cool off in the Pacific and have a nightcap on the sand. During the winter though, the crowds stay away, leaving the beach, streets, and community open for anyone who visits.

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For example, during the summer the Strand, the most popular place to bike and walk along Hermosa Beach’s coast, can be filled with everything from walkers to tandem bicycle riders. During winter the Strand is much less crowded, giving you plenty of room to enjoy the sand, sun, and surf from afar! Not only are the places that people go in Hermosa Beach less crowded during the winter, but so are the places they stay.

If you’re sold on a Hermosa Beach Winter trip, then visit us at the Beach Bound shop once you get here! We’ll share everything we love about Hermosa with you as well as the best beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

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