5 Reasons Why Hermosa Beach is the Best California Beach town to Visit

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5 Reasons Why Hermosa Beach is the Best California Beach town to Visit

Have you ever had so many options in front of you that you can’t make a decision? That’s what trying to choose a place to visit in California is like.

There are unlimited options for vacations in California thanks to the mountains, deserts, beaches, and forests that cover the state. If you’re interested in a beach trip over everything else though, then we know the perfect place for you to book your next trip.

The Beach Bound team has put together a guide to why Hermosa Beach is the best beach to visit in California below so that you don’t have any trouble when deciding where to plan your California vacation. Check it out to put your beach trip in motion, and don’t forget to visit the Beach Bound shop once you’re in town for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

1.Hermosa Beach has an Unmatched Beach Atmosphere

Most places in Southern California have great weather, but there aren’t many that have a beautiful beach to go with it. Even fewer have an amazing town built on the water with a culture that revolves around having fun in the sand and sun, but that’s exactly what you’ll find in Hermosa Beach.

Hermosa Beach is a classic California beach town where you’ll find murals painted all over depicting beach life and the city’s unique history. In fact, not only is there a beautiful beach that runs the length of the entire city of Hermosa Beach for you to enjoy while in town, but there are other public attractions like Hermosa Beach Pier and dozens of public sand volleyball courts that operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Small Town with a Big Culture that’s Easy to Access

Hermosa Beach only covers about two miles of coastline, which means that it’s an easy place to get around, especially if you’re walking, biking, or skating. When compared to somewhere like Los Angeles, being able to get around stress-free makes a big difference on how much you’re able to relax.

3. Year-Round Public Events & Connected Community

From holiday celebrations to beach festivals like the famous Fiesta Hermosa, there’s always a public event going on in Hermosa Beach that locals and visitors alike will enjoy.

To see what’s happening in Hermosa Beach during your visit, check out the Hermosa Beach Events Calendar here.

4. Access to GREAT Beaches and so Much More

No matter what you’re coming to California to see or do, chances are you can access it from Hermosa Beach.

Hermosa Beach is uniquely situated in an area where just about any activity, outdoor or indoor, is within reach. For example, with Los Angeles just next door you have any type of entertainment you could dream of within a few hours’ drive along with some of the best cuisine and culture in the world.

On top of that, you have the desert and the mountains nearby which means that no matter what type of outdoor activity you like to do, you can find it near Hermosa Beach. Then of course, there’s the beach at Hermosa Beach in case all you want to do is relax somewhere beautiful! 

5. Perfect Weather for Outdoor Activities 

Lastly, we’ve already mentioned how great the weather here is in Hermosa Beach, but when you know exactly how much there is to do outside great weather takes on an entirely different meaning. Warm weather and plenty of sunshine mean that you’ll rarely miss out on a beach day, mountain hike, or whatever it is you came to Southern California to do because of the weather. 

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