When is the Best Time to Visit Hermosa Beach?

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There is never a bad time to visit Hermosa Beach thanks to the year-round warm weather and fantastic beach culture that makes every day here feel like summer. That being said, there are a few specific times of year when Hermosa Beach is an extraordinary place to be.

Here at Beach Bound we’re obsessed with supplying the best beach apparel in Hermosa Beach so that people who visit Hermosa can soak up every ray of sun and sea breeze. Part of that goal is making sure people visit when Hermosa Beach is at its finest, so we’ve listed a few of our favorite times to be here!

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We already mentioned that Hermosa Beach has beach-friendly weather year-round, but May is when the summer heat kicks in and you get proper summer beach days. Plus, May comes after months of winter, and if your spring weather didn’t satisfy your need for warm sunshine then it is the perfect time to visit Hermosa Beach.

May is also one of the most happening months of the year.

As the weather heats up, so do the events in Hermosa Beach. Throughout May there are several volleyball tournaments and festivals that are worth visiting for alone. They all culminate in Fiesta Hermosa, which is Hermosa Beach’s largest event of the year.

Fiesta Hermosa is Hermosa Beach’s famous Memorial Day event that spans the entire weekend and includes several stages with live music, a maker’s market with the best artisans in Southern California, and a full-on carnival that will rival anything else you’ve ever seen.

Don’t take our word for it though, visit Hermosa Beach this may to see exactly what we’re talking about.


Being at the beach around the holidays likely sounds strange, but once you try it once you may not want to spend the holidays any other way.

In December Hermosa Beach’s weather is cooler but still far from cold. That means you can get a chill at night when the wind blows off the ocean, but still be plenty comfortable while spending time outside.

That means you can leave behind any early-onset cabin fever from cold weather at home by getting fresh air in Hermosa Beach. Being able to exercise or simply spend time outside comfortably is huge for anyone who is training for an event or likes to train to stay healthy. Of course, spending time outside is incredibly important for our mental health too, and being in Hermosa beach during December is a great way to refresh yourself before the worst of winter hits back home.

On top of that, nowhere celebrates the holidays quit like Hermosa Beach.

From the Great Santa Stroll to Hermosa Beach’s Sand Snowman Contest, there’s plenty to do during December. Plus, the entire town is decorated in lights that will make you feel like you’re at the North Pole even though you’re steps away from the beach.

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