What’s Behind the Popularity of E-Bike Rentals?

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Hermosa Beach has a picturesque and easily accessible bike path that starts at 35th Street, which is one of the many reasons this beachfront city is a great place to ride a bike. An increasingly popular way to do this is by renting an electric bike, or e-bike. If you’re new to the e-bike rental concept, take a moment to find out why these types of bikes are so popular right now.

What an Electric Bike Is

An electric bicycle can be thought of as a bike with more power. Essentially a hybrid between a road and mountain bike, it’s a type of bike with an electric drive that provides extra momentum based on the level of added power you need to maintain control of the bike. There are three main parts: the electric motor, the battery, and the controller. Electric bikes allow riders to travel long distances in a less physically demanding way and handle higher climbs well. E-bikes can be equally appreciated by anyone who prefers an added power boost while riding.

How E-Bikes Save You Time & Money

Saving money on transportation is another reason e-bikes are becoming a big thing in many parts of the country, including Hermosa Beach. Bike rental is an ideal option if you’re traveling, and it’s also a great way to explore and check things out without having to worry about waiting for rideshare or renting a vehicle. Instead, you can just grab your rental bike, get on it, and go.

Other Things to Love about E-Bike Rentals

Electric bikes have many other benefits often appreciated by anyone who rents one locally or when traveling. One of the main advantages is incredible flexibility. All you need is a bike path or a paved street you’re comfortable riding on. Staying fit is another e-bike rental perk that’s often appreciated. You can get some exercise in a way that’s not as demanding as relying entirely on foot power, but you’ll still be targeting many key muscle groups. Other reasons for the electric bike rental trend include:

• Stable battery performance and life

• Greater ability to overcome terrain challenges

• Not having to worry about buying spare or replacement parts

• The ability to charge the battery easily, since no special equipment is needed

What’s more, rental shops offering e-bikes typically have a broad range of styles and brands to choose from. Plus, you can easily get bikes for friends and family members wishing to enjoy the electric bike experience without having to fully invest in one.

Renting E-Bikes & What to Expect

When you rent an electric bike, the rental shop can give you more specifics about the type of bike you select. Typically, it takes about six hours for an e-bike to fully charge. After four hours, the battery is generally charged to about 75 percent. According to Cycle Weekly, e-bikes allow for somewhere between 25 and 70 miles of use on a single charge.

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