What You Need to Ride a Bike on the Beach

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When you see a beautiful beach that goes on for miles you want to see all of it, and bikes are one of the best and safest ways to do so.

Still, not all bikes perform well on sand, which is why the Beach Bound team is writing about what you need to ride a bike on the beach here! Keep reading for our guide, then stop by the Beach Bound shop for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Wide Tires, More Stability

If you’ve ever tried to ride a normal bike on sand or loose dirt, then you know how easily narrow bike tires sink into soft surfaces. Even on compact sand, regular bike tires will sink and be difficult to balance on. For that reason, go with a wider bike tire like a fat-tire.

For example, a regular beach cruiser tire is about 2 inches wide which is already wider than a typical street bike. A fat-tire is 3 to 4 inches wide which allows better balance and traction on loose surfaces like sand. Although you may not be able to ride as fast with a fat-tire bike, the stability will make your beach ride much more enjoyable.

Opt for Fenders

On most bikes, fenders keep you dry when the road is wet. There’s plenty of water for fenders to catch at the beach, but they’ll also keep sand from kicking up at you.

The best place to ride your bike on the beach is usually close to the water where the sand is compacted instead of further back where it’s loose and uneven. If you ride here though you’ll see the need for fenders quickly, so make sure your beach bike has them before you are covered in sand!

Add a Comfortable Seat

When you’re biking somewhere beautiful like the beach you don’t want to ride too fast. Plus, add sand, people, and obstacles like sticks and rocks and you’ll need to take your time while riding on the beach anyway.

For that reason, you’ll need a comfortable seat for your next beach bike ride. Most beach cruisers come equipped with wide seats that have plenty of cushion, but if you’re choosing your seat make sure it’s something you’ll want to sit on for a long ride!

Don’t Forget a Rack for Carrying Goods

Whether you’re carrying snacks and drinks for a beach picnic at the perfect spot or just water so you can bike further, a rack on the back of your bike will come in handy.

Most beach cruisers already have a rack on the back, but you can add to your carrying abilities with a backpack chair like the ones we rent out here!

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