What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Skateboards and How to Ride Them

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What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Skateboards and How to Ride Them

Even though we all know what a classic twin-tailed skateboard looks like, the truth is that there are many more options for skating. When you’re skating somewhere as beautiful as Hermosa Beach you must make the most of your time while you can, so those options matter!

Riding around on four wheels is already complicated enough, so the Beach Bound team has broken down the different types of skateboards and why they matter so that you can make the best choice for yourself when you visit Hermosa Beach! Check it out below, and visit us at the Beach Bound shop when you’re ready to rent a cruiser or longboard and ride the Strand!

A Classic Skateboard

Person Performing Skateboard Tricks

When you think of a skateboard, this is what you see in your head.

Other than the pop-sickle stick shape and raised tail and nose, a distinctive feature of a skateboard are the wheels. Instead of the wide wheels you’ll find on the other boards in this guide, a skateboard has small, narrow wheels. The size and shape of the board and its wheels are designed to make them perfect for performing tricks. However, if you want to keep your wheels on the ground or are simply not quite comfortable skating then a skateboard may not be the right choice for you. The small wheels can be difficult to control and the short decks may feel unstable to anyone who is not used to riding on them, but there are still great options for skating the Strand!

Mini Cruisers

Mini cruisers, sometimes called penny boards, are the perfect combination of convenience and stability.

You may be wondering how a board that is smaller than a skateboard would be the more stable of the two, but the answer is in the wheels. Even though the deck of a mini cruiser is small, the wheels are the size of a longboard or cruiser’s wheels. You may have to get used to fitting your feet on the small surface of the board, but once you do, you’ll get a stable ride from the big wheels. Even better, mini cruisers are small and light enough to be carried around by hand or in a backpack, making them the most convenient type of board on this list for traveling or riding around town.

Still, the small deck of a mini cruiser means that you’ll lose some stability while riding them, so if you want to focus on downhill riding then a cruiser or longboard is right for you! 


Skateboard Cruisers

As you can guess, a cruiser board is a regular sized board with wider cruiser wheels instead of regular skateboard wheels. Since a cruiser board is technically any board with the wide and stable wheels of a cruiser attached, they can come in many different shapes in sizes. In general though, cruiser boards are great choices for riding around town thanks to their stability, portability, and maneuverability!


SkateBoard Longboard - 1 Day Rental

Lastly, longboards are exactly what the name implies.

These boards pair long decks with wide cruiser wheels to create a smooth and stable ride. For this reason, longboards are ideal for anyone who is new to skating. Plus, the easy foot placement and smooth ride allows longboarders to ride comfortably for hours over long distances. Some longboards are even designed for downhill riding, but if you want to only ride along the Strand then a regular longboard is the perfect option!

If you still can’t decide what type of board is best for cruising down Hermosa Beach’s Strand,  then stop by the Beach Bound shop for the best Strand rentals in Hermosa Beach!

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