What You Need to Know About Electric Skateboards

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What You Need to Know About Electric Skateboards

Beach Bound is always proud to offer the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach because we love helping people enjoy our home however we can. Today though, we’re proud because we’ve added another way to have fun while enjoying Hermosa Beach’s natural beauty.

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Beach Bound now rents electric skateboards out of our shop and we’ve had a blast trying them out all over town. If you’re wondering what an electric skateboard is, don’t worry. We have the perfect guide to what you need to know about electric skateboards below!

Check it out then stop by the beach bound shop to rent an electric skateboard in Hermosa Beach! 

Electric Skateboards are Generally Controlled with a Remote

To clarify, the electric skateboards we carry are closer to longboards in their design since they’re meant for long rides over mellow terrain.

One big difference is that electric skateboards are generally controlled by a remote that the rider holds in their hand. By control, we mean that the acceleration and breaking functions of the board are controlled by the rider with the push of a button. While it takes a few tries to get used to moving and stopping with a button instead of your foot, with some practice it becomes an absolute blast. 

The ESC Controls the Power Output 

The ESC (electric speed controller) works like a throttle on the remote which the rider holds in their hand.

Again, it takes a little practice to get familiar with pressing a button and moving forward on a skateboard as if it were a throttle, but the ESC ensures a smooth ride that won’t jerk you around when you engage the motor. 

Don’t Forget About the Breaks

While most skateboarders are used to pushing their boards forward with a kick from their foot, having breaks on their board is totally foreign.

Stopping on a skateboard or longboard typically requires either carving, dragging your foot on the pavement, or, in worst case scenarios, jumping off the board. Electric skateboards add another option by applying breaks to the wheels and giving every rider an easy way to slow down.

Just like the motor, the break can be applied with the remote control in most cases and allows for smooth stops that you can rely on.

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Hub Motors and Belt Motors

If you want to buy your own electric skateboard, then you should become familiar with the concept of a hub motor and a belt motor.

Hub motors are motors which work from within your wheels. They are smaller, lighter, and quiet compared to belt motors, but their placement can lead to mechanical issues like overheating.

On the other hand, a belt motor works like a chain on a bicycle where a belt connects the wheels with a motor to turn them. Belt motors are larger than hub motors, but they are also reliable and easy to fix.

Motors Do Have a Battery Life

Both hub and belt motors are driven by batteries, so each will need to be recharged at some point. Fortunately, electric skateboard batteries generally charge quickly and last for hours, so you will have plenty of time to ride!

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It Takes Time to Learn Electric Skateboards’ Speed and Breaks

As with an e-bike, it can take some time to get used to accelerating safely and judging the proper amount of distance you need to stop on an electric skateboard. The Beach Bound team is happy to give you any pointers and tips you may need to do so!


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