What You Need to Bike Near the Beach

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First, you need your bike.

Now that we got the bad joke out of the way we can share our list of essential items you need to bike near the beach. Since the Beach Bound shop is in the Heart of Hermosa Beach near the famous Strand, our team has plenty of experience biking near and on California’s famous coastline, so these suggestions are tried and true.

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No matter how comfortable you are biking, you can’t account for what other people will do. That’s why you should always wear a helmet while on a bike.

Modern helmets are not only safer than ever before, but they are also lighter and have better airflow than helmets from only a few years ago. That means you get to stay cool, comfortable, and safe while biking.


If you’re biking near the beach, then chances are that it’s a sunny day. Accordingly, you need sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and burn free.

In the short-term sunscreen will keep you comfortable while biking as well as afterwards since you won’t have a painful and itchy sunburn to deal with. Long term, sunscreen keeps your skin healthy and able to keep up with an active lifestyle. Plus, it’s easy to apply!


Even with sunscreen, a hat is key to extending your time biking near the beach for as long as possible.

Some hats may not wear well with a helmet, and if that’s the case then you can store your hat while biking in a bag or basket. However, most hats will comfortably fit under a helmet and add extra shade for your face.


Protecting your head is important, but you can probably tell that protecting yourself from the sun is important too since we’re talking about sunglasses as well.

You don’t need expensive polarized lenses for a bike ride, although they help. Simple sunglasses are far better than nothing when riding a bike near the beach. Plus, you can find them in just about any convenience store or corner shop near the beach if you forget them.

Sunglasses will help you stay safe by cutting out the glare from the sun while also dimming stunning ocean views so you can take in every second of your time by the water.

Backpack Cooler

Alright, you may not need a backpack cooler for a beachside bike ride, but when you come across a perfect view that you’d like to enjoy with a cold drink you’ll certainly want one.

Backpack coolers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices but in our experience the simpler the cooler the easier it wears. Add drinks and snacks to your cooler so your bike’s basket has plenty of room for other items like a picnic blanket to make that perfect view even comfier. Plus, backpack coolers are useful for much more than just beachside bike rides, so you’ll get many more picnics out of one than a single ride!

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