The Best Things to Do with Your Dog at Hermosa Beach

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The Best Things to Do with Your Dog at Hermosa Beach

We love Hermosa Beach’s sunshine, sandy beach, and amazing community and our dogs love it too!

Between the outdoor activities like running and walking, the perfect weather, and the fact that people are always more likely to play when they’re at the beach, Hermosa Beach is a paradise for dogs. To help you make the most of your four-legged friend’s visit to the beach, the Beach Bound team has listed the best dog-friendly activities in Hermosa Beach below! Read all about them and stop by the Beach Bound shop to rent all the beach and bike gear you need to make them happen!  

Visit Noble Park 

The only thing dogs love more than a good walk is a good walk to a park, and Hermosa Beach’s Noble Park is the perfect place for dog-friendly beach fun. 

Although Noble Park is small, its location offers a huge number of options for people and their dogs. Not only is Noble Park located right on the beach with excellent views of the water, but it’s also located near the Hermosa Beach Pier and Pier Plaza. Hit Noble Park with your furry friend, and then once you’ve both had enough sun take a break in the shade while getting a drink or bite to eat at a Pier Plaza restaurant!  

Eat Out at Hermosa Beach’s Best Restaurants

One of the best things about dogs is that they’re happy to go wherever as long as they’re with their person. That includes going out to eat even if you only sneak them a few scraps from the table! 

Thanks to Hermosa Beach’s fantastic weather, you’ll find outdoor seating at restaurants all over the city. On top of that, the Strand’s location between the beach and the city means that people walking their dogs on it will never be far from a great Hermosa Beach restaurant. Still, the highest concentration of Hermosa Beach restaurants is at Pier Plaza where you’ll find options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks afterwards! 

Walk the Greenbelt Park Trail

Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you and your dog have to play in the sand all day. Greenbelt Park Trail is a natural surface path that offers people and their dogs a break from the sand and water while still enjoying Hermosa Beach’s amazing weather. 

If that weather turns too hot for you then know that the Greenbelt Park Trail has trees running alongside it that offer shade for people and their dogs. Plus, at 3.5 miles long the Greenbelt Park Trail offers owners and their dogs a chance to get all their energy out!


Walk the Strand  

Even if your dog can’t get to the water (unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the beach at Hermosa Beach whether leashed or unleashed), you can still enjoy the best of the beach with them thanks to the Strand!  

The Strand is a paved walking and biking path that runs along the entire length of Hermosa Beach. Thanks to its location just on the edge of the shore, anyone walking their dog on the Strand will enjoy the sand and sun even though they can’t walk on the beach. Plus, if you or your furry friend need a break from your walk, then Hermosa Beach’s restaurants and shops are close by!  

Before you visit, note that the Strand gets crowded quickly. For that reason, all dogs on the Strand must be kept on a leash while walking. 

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