What to Do on the Water in Hermosa Beach

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Hermosa Beach wouldn’t be itself without the Pacific Ocean, literally.

Accordingly, if you’re visiting then you should have Hermosa Beach activities on the water planned. Not sure what to do?  We’ve got you covered with our top 5 Hermosa beach activities on the water here.

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Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is surfing’s more relaxed sibling that has all the beauty of surfing while requiring half of the concentration and effort. As a result, paddle boarding is an excellent way to get on the water, even for those who have never done it before.

You can paddleboard on just about any body of water, and inflatable paddle boards make it possible to even hike to alpine lakes and float there. At Hermosa Beach you don’t have to hike at all to reach the water, but you do have to deal with waves while launching from the shore.

Fortunately, Hermosa Beach has several harbors where you can launch a paddleboard in calm water. There are also plenty of shops where you can rent paddleboards or paddleboard gear so you don’t need to travel with it!


A trip to a Southern California beach town wouldn’t be complete without a little surfing, and Hermosa Beach is the perfect place to do it. In fact, Hermosa Beach is home to the Surfer’s Walk of Fame!

Rent a board and wetsuit then get in the water. No matter how new you are to surfing, Hermosa’s waves are beginner friendly and learning is just as much fun as surfing itself.

Picnic on the Beach

With the right food, weather, and view, there’s nothing better than a picnic on the beach. Hermosa has all that and more thanks to our beautiful beaches and fantastic restaurants and stores that provide the perfect picnic food.

Do yourself a favor and bring a cooler backpack, umbrella, and blanket so you have all the essentials for an excellent beach picnic in Hermosa!

Beach Volleyball

The only thing Hermosa Beach is more obsessed with than surfing is beach volleyball. That’s why there are over 70 public courts lining Hermosa’s coastline. Add in Southern California sun and the ocean to cool off in between sets, and you can see why Hermosa Beach is an excellent place to play beach volleyball.

Find another group to play a competitive game against or make up the rules as you go with your friends and family.

Bike the Strand

Want to see as much of the Southern California coast as you can while in Hermosa Beach? Rent a bike or ride your own on The Strand.

The Strand is a paved biking and walking path that runs the length of Hermosa Beach’s coastline and beyond. In fact, it connects Hermosa Beach to several other beach towns and is the perfect way to spend time near the water. After all, you can hop into the ocean anytime you get too hot!

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