What to do on a Beach Weekend in Hermosa Beach

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Looking for a beach getaway that has something for everyone? Hermosa Beach is the perfect place for a California beach weekend.

Not only is the city of Hermosa Beach the epitome of California beach culture, but it’s also surrounded by beautiful nature that will let you enjoy the sunshine all day long. Or, thanks to Hermosa’s incredible restaurants, you can enjoy the sunshine with a drink from a beachside patio.

Check out what to do on your California Beach weekend trip to Hermosa Beach, then visit the Beach Bound shop while in town for Hermosa Beach’s best beach apparel.

Beach Day with Beach Volleyball

If you’re visiting Hermosa Beach then the beach should be a part of your plans. You don’t have to only lay out and cool down in the ocean though.

Hermosa Beach is known for its surf culture, but fewer people know just how much this city loves beach volleyball. From the volleyball murals on the buildings to the dozens of public courts on the beach you’ll quickly see what we mean. Take part by bringing a volleyball to your beach day so you can play then cool off in the water.

Bike the Strand

The Strand is a paved bike path that runs along the Southern California coast for miles. That means it runs through entire length of Hermosa Beach’s coast, and even connects Hermosa Beach to other beach towns.

Enjoy the water, sunshine, and all the beautiful beach towns near Hermosa by renting bikes and riding the Strand.

Enjoy the Nightlife at Pier Plaza

Pier Plaza is the center of Hermosa Beach, and since the famous Hermosa Beach Pier is nearby there’s plenty of reason to visit during the day. Plus, all the bars, clubs, and restaurants near Pier Plaza keep the party going well into the night.

Cap off a beach day with a night cap in Pier Plaza where you’ll have plenty of options for nightlife.

Drive the 1 

We’ve all seen the cliché drive along the Southern California coast, but a weekend in Hermosa Beach is a chance to see why people can’t get enough of Highway 1.

Highway 1 is one of the most scenic roads in all of America, and it’s near Hermosa Beach so you can drive up and down it before returning to Hermosa for dinner and drinks. There isn’t a wrong direction to go. Just make sure you have a full tank because you won’t want to sop driving.

Paddleboard or Surf

Hermosa Beach has a strong surf culture, which means you can do everything from take lessons to ride incredible sets

If you want to get on the water but want a more relaxed experience, then you can also rent paddleboards and paddle all over the coast. Paddle boarding is easy, relaxing, and a great activity to enjoy with friends and family on a weekend trip.

Just make sure you have apparel that protects you from the sun while you’re on the water!

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