What to Do Before You Come to Hermosa Beach

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your First Visit to Hermosa Beach

Perfect weather, a beautiful beach, and an incredible community to enjoy it all from is hard to find, but that’s exactly what attracts people from all over Southern California and beyond to Hermosa Beach!

Even with as much as there is to enjoy in Hermosa Beach, the sheer number of people who visit makes it a challenge just to get here and relax. To help out, the Beach Bound team has listed the most important “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of your first visit to Hermosa Beach below! The first don’t on our list is bringing your stress and worries to Hermosa Beach, and our tips below can help you do just that. Check it out and stop by the Beach Bound shop!

Do Create a Parking Plan

Hermosa’s sun and sand attract visitors on weekdays and weekends alike, and the great weather makes a beach visit an option year-round. As a result, public parking can be hard to find, especially on weekends and holidays.

Making a plan for where you’re going to park in Hermosa Beach is a must. The city of Hermosa Beach has public parking centered around Pier Plaza and the Hermosa Beach Pier, but there is even more parking further into the city and away from the plaza. One of the best ways to plan your parking is by using Hermosa Beach’s public parking map. You’ll see the locations, hours, and number of spaces available in each lot!

Don’t Haul All Your Beach Gear 

Get Beach Delivery in Hermosa Beach!

The only thing worse than struggling to find parking ahead of your Hermosa Beach visit is finding a parking spot far away from the beach and then carrying all your chairs, towels, and umbrellas across town.

That’s why Beach Bound not only rents out beach chairs, umbrellas, and gear for beach fun like volleyballs and body boards, but also delivers them to the beach! Don’t let carrying a stand-up paddle board to the beach stop you from getting on the water. Use Beach Bound’s delivery service for all your beach needs!

Do Explore All of Hermosa Beach

We know that it’s hard to leave the sand and water, but if you want to see more of Hermosa Beach than just the coast then the Strand is a must!

The Strand is a paved path the runs for over 20 miles along the Southern California coast with two miles of it running beside the sand at Hermosa Beach. Whether you ride a bike, a skateboard, skates, or just rely on your own two feet, use the Strand to see more of Hermosa Beach than just what’s near Pier Plaza. Don’t be afraid to spend time away from the sand in Hermosa Beach either. There is an entire city away from the beach full of shops, restaurants, and other small businesses with open doors!

Don’t Forget about Hermosa Beach’s Parks

Hermosa Beach’s natural beauty isn’t limited to the sand and water alone, as Hermosa Beach is home to several parks and trails that offer green spaces and shade. One of the most popular is Noble Park since it is so close to the beach, but there are other parks with playgrounds, picnic areas, and shade from the sun.

There’s also the Hermosa Valley Greenbelt which runs from the south end of Hermosa Beach into Manhattan Beach. The Greenbelt offers a natural surface to walk on, access to nearby parks, and a beautiful way to see Hermosa Beach!


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