What Makes Hermosa Beach Pier the Best Pier in Southern California

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The first place we think of when we think about the best pier in Southern California is always going to be Hermosa Beach Pier. Of course, we’re Hermosa Beach locals, so we’re slightly biased.

Still, walking up and down a pier while enjoying all the people and businesses in the area is an essential part of any beach day, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on Hermosa Beach’s incredible pier.

That’s why the Beach Bound team has written a quick guide to why Hermosa Beach Pier is the best pier in Southern California. Check it out, then visit the Beach Bound shop for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Scenic and Cinematic Sunsets

Just about any pier in Southern California can claim to have beautiful sunsets, but few combine beautiful Southern California sunsets with a scenic pier and town just behind it.

Maybe the most famous example of Hermosa Beach Pier in film is its appearance in La La Land

In fact, Hermosa Beach itself is scenic enough that The lighthouse, a Hermosa Beach staple, appears in the film too. Still, the pier steals the show in terms of scenic destinations since it perfectly combines the beauty of the sea and sky with a classic looking beach town just behind it.

In fact, you can’t go wrong looking or taking pictures during any sunset on Hermosa Beach Pier. Just make sure you include the pier’s iconic lampposts!

So Much to do Nearby

Walking down the pier during sunset is great, but if there’s nothing to do near the pier during the other 23 and a half hours of the day then you won’t have a good time there.

Fortunately, Hermosa Beach Pier has a ton of things to do nearby. Obviously there’s a beautiful beach where you can simply lay out and enjoy the Southern California sun. There’s more than just sand and water though.

For example, the city of Hermosa Beach is obsessed with beach volleyball to the point that they have dozens of public courts lining the beach so that anyone can play when and how they want.

Then there’s The Strand which is a paved path that runs the length of the beach. You can walk, bike, roller skate, or just about anything else along The Strand and enjoy the excellent businesses along it to get fresh air and great exercise.

Of course, there’s also the city of Hermosa Beach which is centered around the pier itself. In Pier Plaza you’ll find plenty of restaurants and shops to fill a day and your stomach, but there’s much more than just the plaza to enjoy in Hermosa Beach.

Easily Accessible as Part of a Daytrip

Lastly, Hermosa Beach Pier is easy to get to. Whether you walk on the sand from another beach, bike down the Strand, or hop on California’s famous Highway 1 and drive to Hermosa, you’ll see something beautiful along the way.

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