What Makes Beach Cruisers Perfect for The Strand

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What Makes Beach Cruisers Perfect for Biking The Strand at Hermosa Beach

Here at Beach Bound Sports, we provide quick and easy bike and beach rentals so that you get to rest and enjoy your time in our community as much as possible, but speed isn’t the only thing we’re focused on. We want everyone who rents bikes from us to be matched with the exact bike they want, which is why we rent so many beach cruisers out to our customers. To show you why beach cruisers are the perfect bike to ride The Strand with, we’ve listed what we love about them below.

A Wide and Comfortable Seat

When you ride a beach cruiser, chances are that you’re going for a long ride over mostly even ground like the beach or The Strand. That means that you’ll be pedaling slowly and sitting most of your trip, but even sitting can get uncomfortable after a long time.

Fortunately, the wide and soft seats that come on beach cruisers makes sitting a breeze! On top of that, a wide seat provides better stability so that when you take your hand off the handlebars to point at something beautiful in Hermosa Beach, you’ll have plenty of support!

Relaxed Handlebars

The handlebars of a bike have a massive effect on how you sit while riding it, so beach cruisers have wide handlebars that rise above the frame to match the upright position of the rider.

As a result, you can relax your arms while riding a beach cruiser since you can put little weight on them and still easily control the bike. The wide and relaxed handlebars are perfect for riding The Strand since it is a straight, paved path that doesn’t demand constant adjustments to stay on. 

A Vertical Frame

 Although the handlebars affect how you sit on a bike, the frame determines even more about your riding posture. The most relaxing way to ride a bike is vertically without having to lean over the handlebars. A beach cruiser frame has a vertical build that makes it possible for anyone riding them to sit straight with their weight resting on their seat and not their handlebars at the cost of the ability to ride faster.

However, you don’t need to ride fast since The Strand has a speed limit of 8 mph and is typically full of walkers and other bikers. Plus, once you have the beach on one side of you and the city of Hermosa Beach on the other, you won’t want to go fast anyways!

Stable Tires

The Strand may be a paved path, but many people want to ride on the sand during their visit to Hermosa Beach. Fortunately, beach cruisers come with wide tires that make riding on sand and over obstacles easier than with a regular bike tire.

Beach cruiser tires also offer more stability in general while riding, so whether you’re biking The Strand or the beach you’ll have a stable ride!

Simple Single Speeds

 While not all beach cruisers are single speeds, many are because the flat and stable surfaces that they’re designed to ride on often don’t require other gears.

While you might think that you’d rather have gears in case you need them, single gear bikes are easier to operate than multi-gear bikes as well as easier to maintain. That means that you get a more reliable ride out of them, which is what we’re all about here at Beach Bound!

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