The Top 10 Beach Volleyball Athletes to Follow in the South Bay

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Nothing represents the ways of beach life quite like the timelessly classic sport of beach volleyball. In the South Bay of Los Angeles, we have the undeniable fortune of sharing our sands as the unofficial home of the beach volleyball universe. Some of the world’s highest level volleyball athletes, professionals on the AVP Tour (which includes regular stops in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach), and internationally accomplished stars call our community home. You most certainly will see them walking or riding past you on the strand!

The true nature of beach volleyball is inclusive and promotes an incredible atmosphere for its embracing community. Whether you’re a volleyball athlete, yourself, just love to follow the game and its fixtures, or simply love spending time being active on the beach, there is a niche in beach volleyball for you to get involved with. And who better to seek out for the volley way of life than its top athletes, who happen to be right here in our beach cities? No group of athletes is more fun to follow along with on social media than those on the AVP.

So who are the absolute best, most engaging and entertaining “follows” when it comes to these tanned and toned beach prowlers, you might ask? In no particular order, here are the 10 best South Bay AVP Pros to follow on social media:

+ Sarah Sponcil (Facebook, TikTok, Website): A recent Olympian at the 2020 games in Tokyo and Arizona native, Sponcil is easily one of the most fun follows of any of the pros living making the dream happen in the South Bay. She’s always engaging with her followers and keeps it quirky and high energy, sharing the nitty gritty of the typical volleyballer lifestyle and accentuating the shiny sides of it, all in the same breath.

+ Taylor Crabb (Facebook, TikTok, Website): A superstar hailing from Honolulu still yet to reach his goals of world domination, Taylor Crabb brings the 808 to the South Bay with added flair. If you’re at all interested in beach volleyball, you’ve probably heard of Taylor Crabb and just might have heard about his Olympic tribulations last Summer, as he tested positive for COVID-19 immediately upon landing in Tokyo and was unable to compete for the tournament’s duration. He’s fueled up for a ‘24 run, though, with new partner and former indoor legend Taylor Sander, and you can always catch him cruising up and down the strand on his e-bike. 


+ Betsi Flint (Website): Maybe the most inspiring story as of late is Betsi Flint’s return to the top of AVP and international podiums after just having had her first child in early 2021. She’s quickly bounced back to her pre-motherhood form and then some, and documents her journey through the trials of early motherhood and constant volleyball training and travel. 

+ Troy Field (Website, Facebook, Twitch): An avid twitch gamer who’s highly involved on social media in general, Field loves to create a community with his fans and is not shy about making the volleyball court his dance floor during warmups and introductions. You’ll instantly recognize the high-flying Mr. Field from a distance at one of the South Bay’s many top courts – he always dons his bright pink upward folded hat (a la Karch Kiraly), fully embracing the festive lifestyle of beach volleyball.

+ Terese Cannon: A transplant from upstate New York, Cannon has fully embraced the beach lifestyle and made the South Bay her home. The AVP’s next rising star “blocker”, her ascent onto the international and AVP scene has been nothing short of meteoric. At a meager 6’3”, she is difficult to miss if you’re cruising along the strand in Hermosa, so keep your heads on an upward tilt every once in a while!

+ Jeremy Casebeer (Facebook, Website, Podcast, Twitter): A “climate responsible” athlete whose mission is to bring awareness to climate action, especially in protecting our beautiful oceans, Casebeer rocks a unique, multicolored mustache and long blond hair California boy look. Instantly recognizable on the sand, Casebeer is an excellent athlete to follow if you’re a fan of athletes with extracurricular passions. When not pursuing climate projects like his podcast, Our Impact, or snapping gorgeous travel shots to share on his Instagram, you can usually find him running court at Hermosa Beach’s famous 16th Street.

+ Emily Stockman (Facebook): A grinder in every sense, Stockman has been right on the cusp of constant podium finishes for the better part of the last five seasons. An avid fitness fanatic, Stockman is a Colorado transplant who has found her niche in the South Bay becoming one of the fittest, hardest working players on tour. If you’re looking for some workout inspiration, Stockman might be the perfect beach athlete for you to follow!

+ Tri Bourne (Facebook, Twitter, Website): Inspiration seems to be a theme with these athletes, so let’s keep the train rolling with Bourne – maybe the most Hollywood-worthy story on Tour. An amazing story of perseverance, Bourne came back from a rare autoimmune disease and sitting out 20 months to eventually become an unconventional Olympian in 2021 after Crabb had to drop out of his spot. Bourne captured the spotlight and capitalized on his chance, becoming somewhat of an overnight hero on the Tour. Another Hawaii transplant, he always shows his followers the Aloha and upbeat energy, especially between the lines and in the stadium.

+ Molly Turner (TikTok, Twitter, Website): Molly’s a special athlete to follow as our resident Beach Bound Sports sponsored athlete! An up and coming player who’s truly earned her way into the main draw mix with regularity, “potential” is no longer the word to use for her – placing 3rd, and 7th in ‘21 in Atlanta and Chicago, respectively. Back for much more this (much longer and deeper) season, Molly also shares lots of insight on her travels and personal life, including being an advocate for body positivity and mental health around body image on her “Molly’s Body Blog” portion of her small business and lifestyle site M+J Away

+ Trevor Crabb (Twitter, Website): Not just the “other brother” counterpart to Taylor, older brother Trevor is one of the fiercest trash talkers and pure talents on the tour. He and partner Tri Bourne combine to make up one of the most entertaining duos to watch in the world, but Trevor plays to the crowd without peer. No one will tell it like it is, especially through his social media channels, like Trevor – absolutely unafraid to call out competitors, call his shots, and embrace the bad boy mantle placed upon him since his initial rise on the Tour. 

+ If you’re looking for some more local, insider access from two guys with a deep knowledge of the game and its athletes, you’ll most certainly want to check out Mark Schuermann, the MC and stadium “voice” of the AVP at all of its events, and Travis Mewhirter, a current professional grinding his way up the ranks whilst putting out incredible written and audio content for multiple volleyball outlets, including his (and Tri Bourne’s) podcast, The Sandcast

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