Top Spots for Riding E-Bikes

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top spots for riding e bikes

E-bikes aren’t just eco-friendly and easy to use. They also come with several safety features and allow you to go farther on biking adventures. When you’re ready to enjoy a comfortable and fun ride in Hermosa Beach, CA, it would be a good idea to find the best places to explore. Below are some of the areas you should consider when riding an e-bike near the Hermosa Beach area.

The Strand

Before riding near Hermosa Beach, you can take your electric bike down The Strand, located at Pier Avenue. You’ll see the lovely surroundings along the pathway, including murals and various stores and eateries. Before the path ends, you can turn around and take in the scenery again on your way back, allowing you to see the incredible sights you missed the first time around. This ride is approximately 17 miles, and it consists of smooth concrete pathways and a few lanes solely for bikes. If you’re visiting and looking for bike rentals, Hermosa Beach is home to several shops that rent bikes.

Ballona Creek

Most electric bikes are resistant to water, making them an excellent choice when roaming through the Ballona Creek and Lagoon area. If water splashes on the bike, it should be okay during the outing. This is an eight-mile trail that parallels the lagoon and various neighborhoods. There’s rarely any traffic, making it a smooth path to enjoy, whether with a large or small group of bike riders. The type of e-bike you have will determine how much moisture it can take on this adventure near the lagoon. Therefore, you should verify this ahead of the experience.


Join other bikers by taking an excursion while visiting Hermosa Beach. Electric mountain bike tours occur along the beaches and other popular areas, allowing you to breathe fresh air while learning more about the vicinity. Many of these tours charge a fee, and it may be necessary to purchase your tickets ahead of time to ensure you’ve reserved a spot. The duration of the excursions can vary, but many go for two or three hours and have group sizes of six. When planning, keep in mind the trip between Marina del Rey and Hermosa Beach is one of the most popular.

Hermosa Beach Pier

With a few requirements, most e-bikes can be ridden along the beach, making this destination one you should consider when visiting California. One of the benefits of the Hermosa Beach Pier is the bike trail you can enjoy during the warm weather. The pathway is protected, keeping the soft sand away from your bike. However, if you contact this type of sand, it’s vital to immediately get back on the pathway or to the areas with hard-packed sand. Doing so can improve your ride while lowering the risk of damage to the electric bike. To make the adventure even more fun, learn as much about the Hermosa Beach Pier as possible before going so you can take advantage of all it has to offer.

Taking advantage of the fantastic places to ride an e-bike is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the area surrounding Hermosa Beach. If you’re looking for top-quality Hermosa beach bike rentals, stop in and see the friendly folks at Beach Bound Sports, the experts on the very best ways to enjoy Hermosa Beach. From e-bike and beach umbrella rentals to water bottles, coolers, towels, and much more, we have everything you need to make your day at Hermosa Beach unforgettable. You’ll be astounded by our outstanding service, unparalleled convenience, and high-quality equipment. To learn more about how we can help you have a blast at the beach, give us a call today at 424-777-4821.

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