Tips for People of All Ages Who Want to Learn How to Roller Skate

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Roller skating isn’t just for kids. While many people learn how to skate in childhood, others don’t give skating a try until they’re adults. You might even find yourself learning to skate alongside your kids when you give it a try on your vacation. Skating provides benefits at any age. Both you and your kids will enjoy being in a better mood while also boosting your physical health as you glide along the boardwalk. These tips will help everyone in your group learn how to roller skate, no matter what age they are.

Gear Up

There’s a definite learning curve with skating, and you’ll want to accept that falling is a major possibility at any given time. Wearing a helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards helps you avoid a painful injury that could ruin your vacation. You’ll also want to remember to keep wearing your gear after you learn to skate. Even advanced skaters take an occasional fall, and preventing injuries allows you to keep skating whenever you want. If you’re just learning to roller skate, Hermosa Beach has plenty of shops where you can rent everything you need to get used to skating before you buy skates of your own.

Find a Source of Support

If you’ve ever been to a roller skating rink, you might have noticed a few skaters hugging the walls. Staying close to some type of support can help you feel more confident while you build up your ability to balance on top of wheels. You can use special skate supports designed to help you stay upright, or you might grab a partner’s hand if a member of your group is already fairly comfortable with skating.

Bend Your Knees

Most people have a tendency to stiffen up when they first stand on skates. However, locking your knees makes it impossible to perform the motions required to glide across the ground. Try to keep your knees slightly bent, but not so far that they go over your toes. This slight bend in your knees also helps you maintain your center of gravity. When your knees are bent, you’ll also find it easier to fall either forward onto one knee or backward so you land on your behind, which can prevent major injuries.

Focus on Braking

There are several ways to come to a complete stop while you’re skating, and some are easier to learn than others. Many beginner skaters find using the toe stop to drag themselves to a stop is fairly simple, but you’ll want to remember to bring yourself to a halt slowly. You can also practice pulling your feet into a t-stop position or spread your feet wider than your hips to do a plow stop. Over time, you’ll eventually learn which braking methods work best for certain circumstances. For instance, a plow stop might not work as well on a downward slope, but it’s helpful when you’re on a flat path. 

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