Tips for First-Time E-Bike Riders

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How Do You Ride an Electric Bike for the First Time

Although initially more popular in Asia and Europe, 185,000 e-bikes were sold in the United States in 2013, and reports the number had jumped to 400,000 by 2018. Cyclists of all ages enjoy riding e-bikes, which are economical and environmentally friendly, and e-bikes are becoming popular in many parts of the country, including Hermosa Beach. E-bike rentals are available in most areas. If you’re ready to try this fun type of cycling, here’s what to consider when attempting to ride an electric bike for the first time.

Preparing to Ride

Choose clothing that’s comfortable and appropriate for the climate. Make sure you’re not wearing anything too loose that might become entangled in the wheels or other moving parts. Check the seat height and make adjustments as necessary. Experienced riders often only require that their toes touch the ground when on the seat. However, first-time riders might feel more comfortable if they can plant both feet flat on the ground when the bike is stationary. Make sure the battery is fully charged. Check the tire inflation. Wear a helmet.

Becoming Familiar with the Bike

First-time riders often notice e-bikes are heavier than traditional bicycles because of the added electronic components and altered frame. Initially, ride the bike without using the electric power assist. The right brake is generally used to slow the bike, while the left brake causes an abrupt stop. Start, stop, and make a few turns to get the feel of how the bike acts while pedaling, using pedal assist, and using electric power only. Become acquainted with changing gears and increasing the throttle.

Riding Techniques

Always remain seated when using electric assistance. When pedaling, the motor makes rotation adjustments based on steady movement. If you stand, the pedaling action could become erratic, which interferes with the motor’s ability to provide a steady stream of power. E-bikes also travel at higher speeds compared to traditional bikes, which makes it necessary to exercise caution and remain alert for traffic.

When using the pedal assist mode, the power typically kicks in during the second pedal rotation. Cyclists riding in a higher gear who switch to pedal assist experience a sudden and often unexpected power surge. Experienced e-bike riders recommend that when passing through an intersection or starting an uphill journey, it’s best to stay in low gear with possible power assist.

Turning Factors

For the most part, making turns while riding an e-bike is similar to turning a traditional bicycle. However, you must keep in mind that an e-bike has a lower center of gravity because the battery and motor are situated close to the ground. The difference isn’t usually noticed while turning at low speeds. However, when moving faster, stop pedaling before starting the turn. Also, stand halfway and gently incline the bike into the turn. After completing the turn, simply sit and start pedaling or using the throttle assist.

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