The Best Ways to Get Around in Hermosa Beach

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best way to get around hermosa beach

The Best Ways to Get Around During Your Visit to Hermosa Beach

A vacation is the perfect time to mix up your usual routine and try new things, and thanks to Hermosa Beach’s small size and year-round summer weather it’s the perfect place to find new ways to get around!

Hermosa Beach is so great for getting around in ways other than by car that there are several different options for you during a visit. To help you decide the best way to get around Hermosa Beach, the Beach Bound team has put together a short guide to the best options below!

Check it out, then stop by the Beach Bound shop for the fastest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!


Thanks to how easy electric scooters are to ride, you’ve probably already seen people zooming around on them in your hometown. However, when you have your own personal electric scooter and not a shared one you don’t have to worry about yours being abused by another rider or being left somewhere difficult to find.

Beach Bound is proud to rent high quality electric scooters out to everyone who visits Hermosa Beach. We know that busy sidewalks and roads can make it hard to get around on a scooter, so we rent out scooters that have a long battery life, 10” tires that absorb bumps with comfort, and bright tail and headlights to make sure everyone knows where you are at all times. 

Please note that electric scooters are not allowed on The Strand!


Go further, faster, with less effort on a rented e-bike from Beach Bound!

E-bikes are one of the best ways to get around Hermosa Beach thanks to their ease of use and the fact that Hermosa Beach only covers two square miles. Since the e-bikes we rent out at Beach Bound have a range of up to 28 miles on a full charge, you can see everything there is in Hermosa Beach with a pedal assist to make the ride even smoother. 

Please note that e-bikes are not allowed to be used with their pedal assist while on The Strand!

Roller Skates

Is all you need to get around sunny skies, a sidewalk, and wheels under your feet? Get around in style with roller skates from Beach Bound!

Roller skating on the Strand has always been popular, but with modern technology improving the skating experience and even more people wanting to get outside roller skating has taken on new life here and across the country. Join the movement by renting a pair of roller skates from Beach Bound to get back into the groove or try them for the first time to see what you’ve been missing!

Skateboards and Longboards

Skateboarding is like riding a bike, once you do it you always remember how. However, skateboarding is also a great way to relive the nostalgia of the first time you skated around town and remember just how much fun you can have with four wheels underneath you.

If that sounds like a good time to you, then rent a skateboard or longboard from Beach Bound on your next trip to Hermosa Beach!


Lastly, you don’t need anything other than a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around Hermosa Beach.

Although walking may not be as much fun as the other options on this list, the simplicity and slow nature of a calm walk make it the perfect way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach as well as our incredible Hermosa Beach sunshine!

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