The Best Warm Weather Fabrics

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There’s nothing quite like enjoying sunny skies and warm rays of sunshine, most of all in a place like Hermosa Beach where the Pacific Ocean offers the perfect place to cool off.

Still, too much sun on your skin and you’ll have to head inside, so a great warm weather fabric is essential to making the most of a day in Hermosa. That’s why the Beach Bound team has written everything you need to know about fabrics for warm weather here!

Read all about it, then visit the Beach Bound shop for the best beach apparel in Hermosa Beach!


Linen is the ultimate warm weather fabric since it absorbs moisture while also remaining breathable.

Linen comes from the flax plant, which allows it to naturally absorb up to 20% of its weight in water. On top of that, it’s light and breathable, so whatever moisture it doesn’t absorb will be dried out through airflow. Lastly, linen gets even softer as you wear and wash it.

The main drawback to linen is that it’s stiff, which makes it less adaptable to movement as other fabrics. On top of that, linen is expensive due to how valuable it is, which can make it difficult to buy for clothes that you’re going to wear while outside. 


Wool may seem like an odd choice for warm weather since it’s often used in winter clothing, but the same qualities that make it ideal for cold weather make it great for warm weather too.

Like Linen, wool is moisture wicking and breathable, which keeps those wearing it from suffering due to humidity and sweat. Unlike linen however, wool is much less stiff, and although it can be coarse, in the right weave it can also be soft and comfortable.

Wool like Merino Wool is a great example of a soft, breathable, wool fabric that is perfect for time outside on a hot day. 


You may have heard that cotton kills, but in the right conditions cotton can be a savior.

Cotton is one of the most used fabrics in the world, which means you’ll have plenty of options when looking for cotton clothes. Plus, cotton is breathable and soft which makes it very comfortable to wear in warm weather.

The main downside of cotton is the fact that it soaks up moisture, which means it will soak up your sweat and other humidity and hold onto it. In warm weather that means you’ll feel hot and sticky, but if you can keep it dry then cotton is a great choice for sunny days.


Lastly, chambray is a great choice for warm weather since it offers the same qualities of denim while being much lighter. Chambray is also much more breathable than denim, which keeps those wearing it dry and cool.

That durability and flexibility is great to have when spending time outside, but you can also combine chambray with any other fabric on this list to stay cool.

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