The Best Tips for Beach Pictures

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A great day at the beach is unforgettable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take plenty of pictures!

After all, great pictures keep memories fresh for years, but taking a great picture at the beach isn’t always easy. That’s why the Beach Bound team has put together a short list of the best tips for beach pictures here! Read all about them, then visit Beach Bound for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Get to Know Golden Hour

Everyone loves a good sunrise or sunset at the beach. Your camera does too.

The time just before and after the sunrises is often the most beautiful part of the day at the beach thanks to the warm light and beautiful colors. That alone makes the period, often called golden hour, the best time to take pictures. However, the lack of strong light also makes it easier for a camera to pick up details and beautiful colors without being washed out by strong light.

Although golden hour is the most spectacular at the beach, it’s the best time to take pictures just about anywhere in the world, so get to know it!

Stabilize Your Camera

Capturing a subject in motion can make for great candid shots as well as show beach day energy, but if your camera is moving with it then your image will come out blurry.

If your camera is moving or shaking, even slightly, when you take a picture then you won’t get sharp images. The best way to avoid that is by stabilizing your camera with a tripod. Even if you’re shooting on your phone, a tripod will help the image look sharper than it would taken by hand.

Don’t Overexpose Your Image

If you’re using an advanced camera, then it’s important that you lower your exposure when shooting at the beach so that your images don’t get washed out.

However, if you’re shooting on your phone and don’t have access to those settings then you’ll have to get creative. One way to lower the exposure of an image is to shoot facing away from the water. The ocean reflects serious light, so if you shoot toward it then your image will suffer.

You can also shoot in the shade or away from whatever direction the sunlight is coming from to minimalize the exposure in your image.

Find Bright Colors

As beautiful as beaches are, they’re often made up of only a few colors between the sand, water, and sky.

The best beach pictures are the ones which add a bright color to contrast from the others so the subject pops against the rest of the image. This could be done through something a person is wearing, or you can find something else in the area like Hermosa Beach’s famous rainbow lifeguard tower.

Compose Your Shot

Lastly, take a second to compose your shot before taking a picture. Find interesting backgrounds and lines and frame them in through unique angles. The more depth you add to an image, either in the foreground or background, the better!

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