The Best South Bay Parks

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Looking for more than just sand and water while spending time outside in South Bay? Our list of the best South Bay Parks is just what you need.

Since our hometown of Hermosa Beach is in the heart of South Bay, we’re lucky enough to enjoy parks within Hermosa as well as those in towns nearby. We’ve listed our favorites here so you can spend less time searching for a South Bay park and more times soaking up the South Bay sunshine in one.

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South Park (Hermosa Beach) 

As the name implies, South Park is at the southern end of Hermosa Beach, but it’s not too far from the beach and Hermosa Beach Pier to enjoy both on the same day. It also has something for everyone thanks to its playground, fields, and shade to keep you cool on hot days.

South Park is small, but it’s a great place to visit if you need a break from the beach while visiting Hermosa Beach!

Valley Park (Hermosa Beach)

Valley Park is South Park’s larger sibling since it offers everything from fields and playgrounds to basketball courts and electric vehicle charging stations.

Valley Park is located further north than South Park, so you’ll be away from the crowds near Hermosa Beach Pier and Pier Plaza with plenty of space to enjoy good weather. Still, you can easily access some of Hermosa Beach’s best restaurants and views from Valley Park. Just walk towards the ocean and you’re bound to find a great restaurant that makes the perfect food for a picnic in the park.

Wilson Park (Torrance)

Wilson Park is one of the most popular parks in South Bay thanks to its size, amenities, and the number of activities happening there on a regular basis.

For example, Wilson Park has playgrounds and sports courts like many other parks, but it also has farmer’s markets and splash pads that other parks don’t. Those activities give everyone something to do during a visit!

Poliwog Park (Manhattan Beach)

Poliwog Park is another great option since it has multiple amenities that can match any type of day outside.

Its open fields are perfect for picnics, the shaded paths are great for walking, and the dog park means your four-legged friends will get plenty of exercise too. Manhattan Beach is another excellent Southern California beach town, so you’ll have plenty of places to eat and drink after the park as well as perfect beach sunsets.

Point Vicente Park (Palos Verdes)

If you want to enjoy the ocean without spending time on the sand then Point Vicente is a beautiful option.

Since it’s in Palos Verdes you know you’ll have beautiful views of the ocean, and the park has plenty of trails to exercise on while cooling off with the sea breeze. On top of that there are developed areas where you can picnic and barbecue while enjoying sunshine straight off the sea.

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