The Best Hermosa Beach Summer Events

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Beach trips and summer go together like sand and sun, which is why Hermosa Beach is the ultimate place to visit this year.

Whether you’re visiting to beat the heat or want a slice of Southern California’s famous beach culture, we want you to love being in Hermosa Beach just as much as we do. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of the best Hermosa Beach summer events!

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Fiesta Hermosa

There’s no better way to welcome summer than by heading to the beach for Memorial Day. There’s also no better Memorial Day party than Hermosa Beach’s Fiesta Hermosa. It only makes sense that you should visit then!

Fiesta Hermosa is a weekend long party that includes multiple stages with live music (including one on the beach), a maker’s market where you can buy handmade goods from SoCal’s best, and delicious food and drinks from all over the area.

That’s not even mentioning the carnival where you can take in the entire festival from the Ferris wheel towering over Hermosa Beach!

South Bay Paddle

You may know paddle boarding as a mellow way to enjoy time on the water, but it’s also a fun way to race!

The South Bay Boardriders Club knows that, which is why they put on their annual South Bay Paddle race. The race begins at the southside of Hermosa Beach Pier then goes to Palos Verdes before circling back to the finish line at Hermosa for a total of 15 miles.

The winner will qualify for the Catalina Classic, but there is also a 3-mile race so that anyone who is just getting into to paddle boarding can participate.


Beach volleyball is just as engrained in Hermosa Beach’s history and culture as anything else, and Smackfest is the event that shows you exactly what we mean.

Hermosa Beach loves beach volleyball enough to have dozens of public courts on the beach and a fantastic mural in town, so when Smackfest comes around locals show out to play in their favorite beach sport. They’re not the only ones either since people travel from all over Southern California to compete. There is everything from friendly matches to intense competitions, so everyone can compete no matter their skill level. You can also spectate and enjoy great volleyball as well as incredible costumes!

International Surf Festival

Surfing is another integral part of Hermosa Beach’s culture, which is why it’s one of the four South Bay cities that is celebrated at the International Surf Festival.

There is a surfing contest, but the three signature events are a lifeguard medley relay, a pier-to-pier relay, and a six-person volleyball tournament. Spectators and participants will get to enjoy the intense lifeguard competitions as well as more traditional beach activities like beach runs, paddleboard races, and bodysurfing contests, making the International Surf Festival the ultimate Celebration of beach life!

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