The Best Gifts for Beach Lovers

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The best holiday gifts are the ones that help the people you love do what they love. That’s why if your family or friends love the beach, then the holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of beautiful beach outings.The Beach Bound team loves sharing our beautiful home of Hermosa Beach with everyone who visits here, so we know a thing or two about helping people enjoy the beach, and with the holidays quickly approaching we decided to share our knowledge to help you find the perfect gift for the beach lover in your life. Check out our list of the best gifts below, and then visit Beach Bound for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Brand Spankin’ New Beach Cruiser

Oh… the amazing feeling of getting a new bike! The tires, wheels, and frame are all shiny and new, everyone compliments how great it looks when you’re riding down The Strand, and that feeling of freedom when the wind blows in your hair and the sun shines on your back while you ride down The Strand. WOW! What better way to show someone you care for them than with a brand new beach cruiser! You’re sure to impress someone and makes someone’s holiday one to remember with THIS gift!

What Makes A Beach Cruiser A Great Gift:

  • Ride on Cloud 9 – cushioned, squishy seat and grips
  • Easy to Brake – Pedal along with the simplicity of a single speed bike & easy to stop coaster brake
  • Looks good, feels good
  • Where to Get One:
    Beach Bound Sports

    Inflatable SUP Board and Electric Pump

    Our inflatable stand-up paddleboards (SUP) are award winning, easy to use, and oh-so convenient! No room in the car or house for a giant SUP board? No problem, these are easy to deflate and roll up when you’re done for the day!

    SUPs are great for getting on the water since their size allows for a stable surface to paddle and float from, but that size also makes them difficult to transport. Inflatable SUPs solve that problem by easily fitting into any car. They’re even easier to use when you have an electric pump that can fill the board with air in minutes, so if you’re gifting an inflatable SUP don’t forget the pump too!

    Don’t want to commit to buying a new board? Rent one as a Holiday gift and try it out together!

    What Makes A SUP Board A Great Gift:

  • A new, fun way to get active in the New Year
  • Great hobby for families, couples, kids, and adults alike
  • Awesome way to meet new friends and get fit
  • Where to Get One:
    Beach Bound Sports

    Beach Cooler Backpack

    A cold drink is an essential part of enjoying a day at the beach, but getting those drinks from the car, across the parking lot, and onto the sand can drain your energy before you even get to enjoy the beach!

    That’s why a cooler bag which is easy to transport as well as reusable will allow beach lovers to enjoy the sand and water over and over again. This bag is one of our favorites since it has plenty of room for drinks, ice, and can also be easily carried on your back. On top of being portable, these coolers also last much longer than a Styrofoam cooler, making them an environmentally friendly option as well!

    What Makes A Cooler Backpack A Great Gift:

  • A new, fun way to get active in the New Year
  • Great hobby for families, couples, kids, and adults alike
  • Awesome way to meet new friends and get fit
  • Where to Get One:
    Beach Bound Sports

    Waterproof Cell Case

    This is a must have for any beach-goer to prevent water and sand damage plus they’ll be able to take pictures underwater! That’s right, this thing works a charm even under the salty seas. Each case has a detachable lanyard and is waterproof up to 100 feet and is universal (fits any phone).

    What Makes A Waterproof Case A Great Gift:

  • Great for taking underwater photos
  • Protects the phone from water and sand damage
  • Easy to use for any age
  • Where to Get One:
    Beach Bound Sports


    Skateboards are a affordable gift that will make you feel like the coolest gift-giver of all! You’re pratically Santa when you pull this out from under the tree. Besides being a classically cool gift, skateboards are also pretty practical, getting you from point A to B and easily portable. These Skateboards come as “Shorties” or “Longboards” and ride so smoothly you could hit a crack and cruise right over it.

    What Makes A Skateboard A Great Gift:

  • A fun way to get active in the New Year
  • Great hobby for kids to get (off their screens) and outside
  • Easy way to easily get around & cruise the Strand
  • Where to Get One:
    Beach Bound Sports

    Reusable Water Bottles

    All it takes is one trip to Hermosa Beach to make people come back again, and if the person you’re shopping for wants to go to their favorite beach as much as possible then reusable water bottles are a must!

    Simply sitting in the sun will dehydrate anyone, but beach activities like swimming, playing games, and enjoying a few adult beverages will dehydrate you even faster. That’s why having plenty of water is key. Gifting reusable water bottles will ensure that your beach lover will have a reliable source of water while also keeping single-use plastics off the beach and out of the ocean!

    What Makes A Re-Usable Water Bottle A Great Gift:

  • Better for the Environment
  • Stay healthy & hydrated
  • Easy way to transport drinks
  • Where to Get One:
    Beach Bound Sports

    Electric Bike Rental

    Enjoying the beach is simple, but enjoying the community that surrounds it is a little more complicated.

    Here in Hermosa Beach we’re lucky to be a part of an incredible beach community, and the best way to enjoy the sunshine and ocean breezes while also exploring the town is with an electric bike! Electric bikes allow riders to go further, faster and are a blast to ride. If you’re looking to give a big gift, then check out this electric bike which we happily rent out from our shop in Hermosa Beach!

    Beach Chairs

    Lastly, make sure your beach lovers can rest on the beach as comfortably as possible with a beach chair like this one!

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