The Best E-Bikes for Rent in Hermosa Beach

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Here in Hermosa Beach it feels like summer never ends, which means there’s no off-season for the team at Beach Bound.

We’re built to help people enjoy our beautiful home of Hermosa Beach, which means finding new ways for people to get outside and enjoy our incredible beach and weather. That’s why we’re excited to share our newest e-bikes for rent in Hermosa Beach. Read all about them below, then visit the Beach Bound shop for the best beach and e-bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Meet the M-66 R7

We love e-bikes because they allow riders to go further, faster, easier. The M-66 R7 does exactly that by combining the power and design of a moped with the simplicity of an e-bike.

For example, the M-66 R7 has a step-through frame with raised handlebars and a long, comfortable seat so that the rider can cruise for long distances comfortably. Still, the M-66 R7 isn’t a moped. It has pedals along with the rear hub motor so that you don’t have to rely on the power if you’re not comfortable with it or the charge dies while you’re riding.

Room for Two

Although the M-66 R7 can feel like a bike or a moped depending on your needs, you always get the benefits of both.

For example, the seat is long enough to fit two people on it comfortably. On top of a comfortable seat with room for two, the M-66 R7 has the frame, tires, and motor to carry two people with ease.

That’s a good thing too, because once you see how much beautiful coastline there is in Hermosa Beach and nearby you’re going to want to share it with everyone you know. Since the M-66 has 80 miles per charge and room for two, we think it’s the perfect way to see as much of the coast as possible!

Quick Charge Time

Once you see how easy and fun it is to ride the M-66 R7 somewhere beautiful like Hermosa Beach, you’re going to want to ride as much as possible. Fortunately, the M-66 R7 has a quick charge time of 3 to 4 hours which means you can easily charge it in the morning from zero and have a full battery in the afternoon.

Rear-Hub Motor Gives You Plenty of Power

Even with two people, the rear-hub motor on the M-66 R7 allows the rider to go wherever they want with ease. Even if you encounter a hill on the M-66 R7, the motor has plenty of power to push you over it, mile after mile.

Strong Braking Power 

The M-66 R7 adds disc brakes to the equation so that that you can trust your brakes. That matters when you’re riding something with as much power as the M-66 R7. Plus, the brakes are smooth on top of being reliable, which adds extra comfort to the ride!

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