Should You Visit Hermosa Beach or Venice Beach?

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Venice Beach

Before we start this comparison, let’s begin by stating there’s much to be said for both of these beach-adjacent California locations. What we’re doing below is focusing on some of the pros and cons commonly associated with both destinations. We remind you it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can always spend some time in both places.

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is famous for its laid-back lifestyle. It also has a reputation for being the least formal of the beachfront towns in the area, which makes it a great place to soak up the sun and personally refresh and recharge. The main drawback is there’s not a lively nightlife scene here, since the laid-back vibe dominates. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s worth keeping in mind if this is what you prefer.


• Less crowded than other beachfront cities in the area
• Decent public transportation options—the area is served by Beach Cities Transit, LA Metro, and LADOT Commuter Express
• Comfortable temperatures when it’s hotter elsewhere in the area
• Lots of volleyball action for both casual players and professionals


• It’s on the smaller side, so not a super lively scene
• It’s not all summer all the time here
• No pets are allowed on the beach

The city does have many other places where you’re welcome to bring your dog, including some of the neighborhood parks. With the weather, the temperatures are generally pleasant all year, but there are times when it can get a bit overcast and rainy. 

Cruising on a bike is one of the most fun ways to enjoy the Hermosa Beach area. If you’re visiting and looking for bike rentals, Hermosa Beach is home to several shops that rent bikes, and whether you’re looking for an easy cruise or you want to get a good workout, you’re sure to find a bike trail that’s perfect for you.

Venice Beach

Home to an assortment of funky shops and more than 40 parks, Venice Beach also has some appealing perks to consider. The Venice Beach Boardwalk is also well-known for its lively, bustling atmosphere. On the downside, traffic congestion is fairly common, and there’s limited public transportation.


• Foodie hotspots like Abbot Kinney Boulevard
• Eight prominent beaches peppered throughout the area
• Various fishing options
• Waterway trails that take you to nearby Caspersen Beach


• Lack of a vibrant nightlife
• Traffic issues
• Really hot summers

With the traffic, you can minimize this issue by coming during less busy times. For example, you might consider a weekday visit here if you want to keep traffic issues to a minimum. With either city, if you prefer to be immersed in a more lively nightlife scene, Los Angeles isn’t too far away.

Enjoy the Best of Both Cities

Hermosa Beach and Venice Beach aren’t exactly worlds apart—figuratively or literally. These two cities actually have some things in common that make it worth considering a visit to either location. The main one is both places have appealing shopping and dining options along with plenty of outdoor activity possibilities. In fact, whether you end up staying in or visiting Hermosa Beach or Venice Beach, it’s easy to take a day trip to the other city. The distance between these two destinations is just a little over 12 miles, which is about 35 minutes of driving time. 

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