How to See The Strand In Hermosa Beach

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How to See the Strand in Hermosa Beach

The Beach Bound team loves relaxing near the water just as much as anybody else, but when there is beautiful coastline stretching for miles in either direction and perfect weather for exploring it like Hermosa Beach’s, you have to take advantage of it!

The best way to see the Southern California coast is by riding the Strand, a 22-mile path that runs all the way from Redondo Beach in the south to Will Rodgers State Beach just past Santa Monica Beach in the north. Most importantly, the Strand runs through Hermosa Beach which means anyone on the Strand has access to the best bike and beach rentals in Hermosa Beach at Beach Bound! To help you get on the Strand faster, the Beach Bound team has listed what you need to know about each way to enjoy the Strand below! Check it out and stop by the Beach Bound shop for all your Strand rentals!

Cruise on a Bike 

Want to see as much of the Strand as possible without feeling like you’ve covered 22 miles of trail? Bike the Strand!

Thanks to the Strand’s paved surface and lack of large hills, it’s the perfect place to bike. That’s why Beach Bound has beach cruiser bike rentals in Hermosa Beach that allow riders to pedal comfortably for miles. Have the kids and pets with you? Beach Bound rents out kids bikes and kids and pet trailers too, so the entire family can ride the Strand together! 

Roller Skate the Strand

There’s nothing more Californian than roller skating the boardwalk. Rent our roller skates and hit the Strand and enjoy California’s famous sunshine and beach views. Beach Bound roller skate and rollerblade rentals are great for anyone wanting to skate the Strand!

Even though you may not want to skate the entire length of the Strand, simply skating through the two-mile section that runs through Hermosa Beach is an adventure on its own! Skate the Strand, and then stop and relax on the beach or at any of Hermosa Beach’s excellent restaurants and bars!

Skateboard and Longboard Up and Down the Coast

If you’re not afraid to do a little pushing, then there is nothing quite like the simplicity of skating your way up and down the Strand. Beach Bound rents out longboard skateboards and shorter skateboards for newbies and pros alike. 

Skate boarding’s origins in Southern California make skating here a natural choice to appreciate the culture and history of the region. Plus, if you’re familiar with board sports of any type then long boarding offers an easy transition into riding on concrete. You won’t find a smoother place to skate or longboard than the Strand, but the amount of people enjoying it at any given time makes it a difficult place to ride if you’re new to skating. Take the time to learn how to ride before you hop on the Strand to make sure you and everyone around you stays safe!

Pound the Pavement with Your Own Two Feet

Enjoying the Strand at Hermosa Beach is simple enough, but there’s nothing easier than running or walking on the Strand. All you need is a good pair of shoes and some good weather to run on the Strand, but make sure you stop by the Beach Bound shop for all your other Hermosa Beach Strand rentals!

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