How to Keep Your Dogs Safe at the Beach

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How to Keep Your Dogs Safe at the Beach

When we say that we want everyone who visits Hermosa Beach to love it just as much as we do here at Beach Bound, we mean everyone.

That’s why we’ve written a quick guide to keeping your dog safe while in Hermosa Beach. Although dogs are not allowed on the sand at Hermosa Beach, we’ve included dog-safe tips here in case you take them to any other beach! Check it out below before your next visit to the beach with your dog, and then stop by the Beach Bound shop for the best beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Keep Your Dog on a Leash in Popular Areas Near the Beach

Although dogs are not allowed on the beach at Hermosa Beach, many people enjoy walking them along The Strand and other areas nearby.

Since these areas are popular, there are often bikers, skaters, other dogs, and cars nearby. For that reason, it’s important that you keep your dog on a leash at all times while near the beach no matter how well trained they are.

Make Sure Your Dog Can Swim Before Getting to the Beach

Although many dogs can’t wait to get in the water regardless of where it is, not all of them are natural swimmers, and when it comes to the ocean that means danger.

It’s important that you figure out just how comfortable your dog is in the water before you take them out in the ocean. Not all dogs can swim or are comfortable with being in the water, so introduce them to water slowly somewhere with calm conditions. 

Keep an Eye on Your Dog While in the Water

In fact, you shouldn’t let your dog into the water if the conditions are anything but calm. Even then, you should always keep an eye on your dog to make sure they are safe and not in any danger from waves or currents.

Dogs cannot read conditions that lead to strong currents, and they do not know to avoid waves in the same way we do. For that reason, you should always keep an eye on them while they’re playing in the water as well as keep them out of the water completely if the conditions are rough.

Watch What Your Dog Eats and Drinks at the Beach

Running around the beach and playing in the water is thirsty work, but that doesn’t mean your dog should drink saltwater no matter how thirsty they are.

Saltwater will only dehydrate your dog more, and if they drink enough of it then they could become sick and end their beach day early. There are also other things in the sand like trash and leftover food that they may be tempted to snack on if you are not paying attention to them.

Don’t let your dog drink saltwater or eat anything at the beach other than the snacks you brought for them! 

Monitor How Much Sun They Get and Keep Them Hydrated

Just like us, dogs can get burnt out by too much fun in the sun. Unlike us, they cannot communicate how tired they are verbally, so you must watch for signs of exhaustion and dehydration.

Always have water ready for your dog and cover up areas that are sensitive to the sun like their noses and ears with dog-friendly sunscreen to make sure that your pup is ready for another day at the beach. Also consider renting a pet trailer from Beach Bound so you can take your dog all over Hermosa Beach!

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