How Fast do E-Bikes Go?

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E-bikes are gaining popularity fast, which is why you might be asking how fast an e-bike can go.

No one has been as excited about e-bikes gaining popularity than the Beach Bound team. After all, the extra push from the pedal assist allows you to see more of Hermosa Beach, faster. However, we know that faster doesn’t always mean safer which is why we’re writing about how fast an e-bike typically goes today!

Check it out before renting e-bikes in Hermosa Beach or anywhere else and then visit us here at the Beach Bound shop for the fastest and friendliest bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

The First Rule is to Always Stay in Control

Before we go any further, we should emphasize that you must always stay in control of your bike while riding, especially with an e-bike.

The pedal assist on an e-bike will only kick in once you’re above a certain speed and will stop pushing if you go beyond the safe speed for the bike. However, it’s easy to gain speed quickly with a pedal assist, and if you’re not paying attention then you could easily lose control.

For that reason, we insist that everyone who rides an e-bike puts the safety of themselves and those around them above anything else while riding.

Class 1 and 2 E-Bikes Provide No Pedal Assist Above 20 MPH

Most e-bikes fall into the class one range, which means their pedal assist stops providing power to the pedals once the bike travels about 20 MPH.

You can still ride faster than 20 MPH, but the pedal assist will not work until your speed is at or below 20 MPH. Beach Bound rents out class 1 e-bikes, which means our e-bikes do not give power to the pedals once you go above 20 mph.

Thanks to Hermosa Beach’s small size and bike friendly paths, there are few scenarios when you’ll need to ride above 20 MPH. In fact, using a pedal assist is not allowed on The Strand.

If you’d like to know more about how to engage and disengage the pedal assist on our e-bikes, then please ask while renting! The Beach Bound staff will be happy to give you all the information you need!

Class 3 E-Bikes Can Provide Pedal Assist at Up to 28 MPH

If you can ride at high speeds safely, then a class 3 e-bike will give power through the pedals at up to 28 mph.

Again, you can still ride as fast as you can pedal, but the pedal assist will not kick in until you are going 28 mph or slower. Only experienced bikers should ride at that speed, and in a place like Hermosa Beach with plenty of cars and pedestrians it is unsafe to ride that fast.

If you have more questions about e-bikes then visit us at the Beach Bound Shop for your next e-bike rental! We love helping people ride e-bikes for the first time and have the perfect bikes for beginners ready to rent! Plus, we have all the beach gear you need for the perfect beach day at Hermosa Beach!

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