Guide to Hermosa Beach Winter Weather

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Whether you’re a snowbird looking for a comfortable climate and a beautiful place to enjoy it or simply never want summer to end, Hermosa is the place for you this winter.

Hermosa Beach winter weather is the perfect combination of cool and comfortable, and with the beautiful Pacific Ocean steps away you’ll always have a reason to be outside. We’ve written more about Hermosa Beach winter weather below so you can see exactly what we’re talking about.

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Winter Weather in Hermosa Beach Typically Lasts from December to April

Hermosa Beach winter weather means average high temperatures in the upper 60s and lows in the 50s. Typically winter weather begins in Hermosa around December and tails off once April rolls around.

That makes Hermosa the perfect place to spend your winter holidays if you like being comfortable at the beach. Or, you can spend the entire winter here and avoid the cold and snow all together!

Enjoy Off-Season Crowds

Hermosa Beach is a great place to be year-round, but there’s never a better time to escape the heat at the beach than summer so that’s when the most people visit.

If you’re here in the winter though, then you’ll enjoy more room on the beach and less crowded stores and restaurants while still getting comfortably warm weather.

Plus, if Hermosa ever gets too cold for you then you can always head inland and away from the sea breezes that keep Hermosa Beach cooler than most of Southern California.

Still Plenty of Sunshine in Winter

Although the chances of rain and clouds are higher in winter than during summer and spring, Hermosa Beach still gets enough warm sunshine during winter to make it feel like a proper beach town. In fact, during the month with the most clouds, February, Hermosa Beach only has cloudy skies 41% of the time.

Even if it’s not hot, sunshine still makes being outside on a bike, skates, or simply sitting much more enjoyable than otherwise.

On top of that, Hermosa Beach gets minimal rain during the winter, with the most falling during February. Even when it does rain, there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and other attractions that make being inside a blast.

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