Health Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes

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Given its appealing beachfront location, Hermosa Beach is a perfect place to enjoy the many perks that go along with electric biking. If you have plans to visit this area soon, Hermosa Beach bike rentals make it easy to cruise the area on an electric bike. Regardless of where you get a chance to pedal with more power, e-biking can be good for you in many ways. We go over the top reasons below.

Less Stress on Your Legs

By riding an e-bike, you’ll get some extra power to ease excess strain on soft tissues and joints in your legs and hips as you pedal. This can be especially beneficial if you’ll be riding along a longer pathway. In Hermosa Beach, this could include The Strand, which extends into nearby Manhattan Beach and other local communities.

Less Stress in General

Speaking of stress, there’s also research suggesting e-biking is a form of exercise that naturally lowers stress and anxiety levels. The American Council on Exercise states this is the case because regular exercise of this nature boosts the release of mood-enhancing neurotransmitters. There’s also an endorphin boost that has similar effects.

Better Heart Health

According to Science Daily, cycling has been associated with a noticeable reduction in serious heart-related problems. UPMC Pinnacle also cites research showing a 15 percent reduction in heart attacks among regular cyclists versus non-cyclists. The added power boost that goes along with e-bikes provides an extra incentive to ride a bit longer as you’re out and about.

Keeping Your Weight in Check

E-biking is a great way to burn excess calories and keep your weight in check. notes the average person can burn nearly 300 calories with half an hour of biking at a moderate speed. Because of the flatter terrain in places like Hermosa Beach, it’s easy to spend some extra time e-biking to burn off even more calories in a fun, relaxing way.

Maintaining/Increasing Muscle Strength

You can get in a more significant workout with e-biking if you go farther as you casually make your way around town, which is good for various muscle groups. You’ll be strengthening the muscles in your lower body and torso area with e-biking. However, you’ll be doing so in a less demanding way. Strengthening your lower body and core muscles has related benefits that include:

• Fewer issues with lower back pain
• Reduced joint stress
• Increased mobility and flexibility when not biking

Lowering Diabetes Risk

A University of Bristol study looked at the impact of e-biking on riders with type 2 diabetes. In the small study, nearly 20 participants rode electric bikes for about 15 miles a week for nearly six months. The study concluded that since e-biking is a more vigorous activity than walking alone, it’s a form of exercise with the potential to reduce certain risks for people with type 2 diabetes.

Improving Brain Functions

One of the more surprising benefits of e-biking is possibly improving key brain functions. This is according to results from a 2019 cycle BOOM study that determined activities such as e-biking may improve brain functions and reduce certain cognitive risks. This could possibly mean a reduced risk of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease later in life. 

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