Getting Back into Roller Skating? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Getting Back into Roller Skating? Here’s What You Need to Know

For some, roller skating never went out of style, but roller skating is now coming back in a big way that no one can deny.

Since the Beach Bound team is lucky enough to work just down the street from Hermosa Beach’s famous Strand, roller skating has never gone away for us. If you’re not lucky enough to live next to the beach though, you might have not even thought about roller skating in years! If you find yourself wanting to get back on wheels or even just try it out for the first time but don’t know where to start, then the Beach Bound guide to getting back into roller skating below is a must read! Check it out and stop by the Beach Bound shop to rent a pair of roller skates!


Find the Right Skates for You

When done well, roller skating looks effortless, but there’s more to smooth skating then than you would imagine, and it all starts with the skate’s design.

Roller skates, not to be confused with roller blades, have a few key design components that determine how they perform. One, is the height of the shoe part of the skate. Some roller skates lace up the ankle and the material there provides ankle support, while others only go up to the ankle. While higher skates provide more support, the low-cut skates offer more flexibility for the skater. If you’re a casual roller skater, then high-cut skates are probably the place to start.

The hardness of the wheels on roller skates also affects their performance. Hard wheels work best on indoor surfaces like the floors you’ll find at a skating rink while soft wheels help smooth out the bumps you’ll encounter while skating outside like at Hermosa Beach’s Strand!


Protect Yourself 

Roller skating isn’t just as simple as lacing up a pair of skates and hitting the pavement. Before you skate, you need to protect yourself to make sure that you’ll be able to skate another day if you fall!

Common protective gear includes, elbow pads, knee pads, and, most importantly, a helmet. We recommend that everyone who roller skates wear at least some type of protective gear, but beginners should especially wear pads and a helmet as they get used to being on wheels.

Even when you have protection, you need to skate defensively when around other people. You can’t predict what other people who are walking or a biking near you will do, so always give extra space and skate at a safe speed when skating in a crowded area like Hermosa Beach’s Strand!


Slow Your Roll, but don’t Forget to Have Fun

No matter how new to roller skating you are, you can still have fun while staying safe!

The key to having fun without putting yourself at risk for injury is by knowing your own skill level. If you’re an experienced skater, then skating the Strand on the weekend is a safe choice. If you’re still getting your feet under you, then a place with less traffic might be a better choice as you continue to learn.

No matter where you skate though, doing it with friends and family is always the right choice, and a guaranteed way to have fun! Find a group of friends or family members who are looking for a way to stay active and invite them to skate with you! The memories and laughs you make will be worth a few scrapes and bruises as you learn to roll together! 

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