Does Hermosa Beach Have a Good Nightlife Scene?

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Hermosa Beach

The “Best Little Beach City” that is Hermosa Beach offers plenty to do and see during the day, from relaxing at Valley Park to playing volleyball in the sand, having fun in the sun-kissed water, or taking advantage of local Hermosa Beach bike rentals and cycling around this charming town. There’s also a thousand-foot-long pier here that’s a perfect place to absorb yourself in the view and watch the sun go down. This brings us to the topic of the nightlife in Hermosa Beach, which we explore below.

It’s a Casual Scene

Overall, the nightlife in Hermosa Beach is more on the casual side than what’s typical in Los Angeles or some other major cities where things tend to be more lively. But if you’re coming here because of the relaxed, casual vibe Hermosa Beach is known for, you’ll definitely appreciate a nighttime scene along the same lines.

The Bar Scene

A big part of the nightlife in Hermosa Beach involves the city’s bars and taverns. If this is what appeals to you, you’ll be pleased with what’s available here. Hennessey’s Tavern is a popular Irish pub frequented often by both locals and visitors if you’re looking for suggestions. The place stays open until 2 a.m. each night, which gives you plenty of opportunities to sample the top-notch beer and well-prepared food served here. 

Other highly recommended bars you’re welcome to check out at night in Hermosa Beach include:

• Underground Pub & Grill – a great local sports bar where you can also play pool as the day winds down
• Hermosa Saloon – a top-rated place for beers, cocktails, and terrific hot dogs
• North End Bar & Grill – an excellent spot for drinks and grill delights 

The Live Music Scene

You’ll hear more than just the waves as you check out the happenings at night in Hermosa Beach. If you gravitate toward the right spots, some of the sounds drifting your way as the sun goes down will come from local bands or live DJs. The Lighthouse Café is one of the local spots where you can get good drinks at equally appealing prices while sampling some lively tunes.

Patrick Molloy’s and Barnacles Bar & Grill are among other Hermosa Beach locales where you can catch live music on some nights. You’ll be treated to a live DJ and have a chance to dance to the music while sipping margaritas at Baja Sharkeez. They also have nicely priced happy hour specials if you start your nightlife fun a bit earlier.

Later-Evening Strolls along the Pier

The city’s namesake beach usually wraps things up as far as public access goes around 6 p.m. or so. However, you can still go for a later-evening stroll if you stick to the Hermosa Beach Pier and the adjacent pathway. The pier remains accessible, weather permitting, until 10 p.m. daily. 

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