Should I Ride a Regular Bike or an E-Bike?

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Should I Ride a Regular Bike or an E Bike

The entire Hermosa Beach community covers 1.43 square miles. As such, guests may traverse the city on foot or by bike. Hermosa Beach bike rental companies lease conventional and electric bikes for a few hours or a whole day. Some insight can help you make an informed decision on what type of bike to choose.

Construction & Appearance

Conventional and e-bikes are very similar in appearance. However, an electric bike has a few extra features. A motor and battery pack are attached to the frame. The bikes have throttle controls to adjust the amount of electrical assistance desired. They may have display screens. The bikes also differ in weight. Depending on the size of the bike and its tires, a typical bicycle weighs 22 to 35 pounds. Due to the electronic components found on an e-bike, it may weigh anywhere between 39 and 55 pounds.

Ride Difference

When riding a traditional bike, pedaling supplies all the power. The faster the rider pedals, the faster the bike goes. E-bikes provide varying levels of pedaling assistance depending on the type of bike. The motor automatically engages on some bikes once pedaling commences. Riders simply adjust the rate of assistance via the throttle control system. Other bikes enable riders to turn the electric components on or off in addition to being able to adjust assistance levels. The bikes are also capable of motion via electric motor only. Electric bikes are ideal for anyone traveling up and down hilly terrain or on long-distance excursions. The assist feature enables riders of all fitness levels to enjoy a leisurely ride. You might opt to tour the community, find a place to grab a meal, or do some shopping with either type of bike. Adventurous individuals might pack a snack or a meal and beverages to journey along the paved 20-mile Strand pathway while enjoying the oceanfront views.

Traveling Speed & Range

Top e-bike speeds depend on individual types, but they typically range between 15 and 28 miles per hour. If they want to go faster, riders must pedal to increase speed. The distance an electric bike can travel when fully charged varies with the speed and the size of the battery pack and motor. A 13 Ah battery on a bike traveling a leisurely 10 miles per hour has the potential to go up to 67 miles. A bike equipped with a 38 Ah dual battery pack traveling the same speed has enough charge to venture 199 miles. Should the battery die, the bike will continue functioning with human pedal power. When they’re looking for high-quality bike rentals, Hermosa Beach visitors should stop in and see the friendly folks at Beach Bound Sports. From e-bikes to bodyboards, cooler chairs, and pet trailers, we have everything you need to enjoy your best beach day ever. We pride ourselves on our amazing service, brand-new high-quality equipment, and convenience that allows beachgoers to spend more of their time beachside. Stop by or call us today at 424-275-9115.

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