Beach Bound’s Beach Cleanup Makes Waves

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Beach Bound’s Beach Cleanup Makes Waves

We believe the beach brings people together, so we believe in caring for them every day! 

In honor of Earth Day, the Beach Bound team organized a beach clean-up for groups from all over South Bay to come and contribute to cleaning up our beach and ocean. We even got the attention of NBC CA Live Channel 4’s news crew and South Bay local, Amber Pfister, who came to cover the story and help us clean up!

Check out their piece on Beach Bound’s beach clean-up to see our own Adleigh Brisebois talk about the event and the importance of protecting the environment!

Raising Money for From the Heart Tribe

The beach clean-up did more than just remove harmful trash from the environment. In fact, Beach Bound raised money for From the Heart Tribe, an organization that advocates for a cleaner environment now and in the future. For example, the buckets we collected trash in were recycled from trash found during previous beach clean-ups by From the Heart Tribe. 

That’s not all From the Heart Tribe does with the trash they find though. In fact, From the Heart Tribe documents each piece of trash they find so that we have a better idea of what is making its way onto our beaches and ocean so we can stop it from getting there!

We’ve listed exactly what was picked up further down, but it’s safe to say that the 20-foot-long cable that was found by the University of Southern California’s Rowing team was the most dangerous, and the silicon implant was certainly the strangest!

150 People Came Out to Support Hermosa Beach!

Over 150 came out to support the beach clean-up, including USC’s rowing team, Nike’s “Ekin” team, and representatives from Athleta, Inhance Interiors, and Anderson Real Estate!

To see each of the over 2,000 items all these amazing people picked up from the beach, read our list below!


Common Items Found:

Plastic Pieces: 639

Cigarette Butts: 231

Styrofoam pieces: 75

Paper pieces: 93

Masks: 36


Recyclable Items:

Plastic Beverage Bottles: 29

Glass Beverage Bottles: 5

Glass Pieces: 11

Beer or soda can: 5


Plastic Items:

Plastic Bags (grocery, shopping, trash): 40

Plastic Snack Bags (chips): 63

Plastic Wrappers (candy): 172

Plastic Fast Food (cups, lids, plates, utensils): 61

Plastic Bottle Caps/Rings: 230

Newspaper Ties, Strapping Bands: 15

Plastic Straws, Stirrers: 75

Fishing Line, Nets, Lures, Floats: 8

Balloons/Ribbons: 24

Beach Toy plastic pieces: 5

Foam Peanuts (Styrofoam packaging): 10

Fast Food Containers, Cups, and Plates: 6

Rubber pieces: 23

Tennis Ball: 3


Smoking-related Items:

Cigar Tips: 15

Disposable Lighters: 2

Vape Cartridge: 8

Cigarette container: 1


Paper Items

Paper Bags: 14

Fast Food Containers, Cups, and Plates: 13


Metal Items

Metal Lids, Caps, and Pulls: 11

Foil pieces: 4

Batteries: 1


Bandages: 1

Plastic Hair Tie: 9

Dental floss: 12



Tar balls: 35

Whole puzzle: 1

Gum: 1

Sock: 7

Flip flops: 3

Wood pieces: 3

Wooden logs: 2

Car key: 1

Shirt: 3

Silicone boob: 1

Total items collected: 2,011


Yikes! Crazy how much trash we found. We are already looking forward to Earth Day next year and hope you can join. We hope to make it bigger and better and plan on inviting local sustainably focused businesses and brands to help educate and provide resources for attendees. Think “Earth Day Festival” how cool would that be?! Join in on the fun and register here!

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