6 Things Every Beginning Roller Skater Needs to Know

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6 things every beginning roller skater needs to kn

Roller skating is a lot like riding a bike. Once you learn how, you’ll find it’s easy to pick the sport back up again. As a beginner, you might feel like you have a long way to go, but these tips will help you start rolling along in no time at all.

1. Wear Your Safety Gear

You don’t want to fear falling while roller skating, but you should expect to have a few spills as your balance improves. Wearing a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads may help you feel more confident. You’ll also want to add wrist guards to your setup to protect your delicate bones in case you need to brace yourself during a fall. When you’re just learning to skate, you might want to start out by trying roller skates rental. Hermosa Beach has plenty of shops where you can find everything you need to get used to skating before you buy skates of your own.

2. Keep Your Knees Slightly Bent

Most people tense up when they feel their bodies begin to glide along, but this could throw off your balance. Keeping your knees slightly bent helps you absorb the shock that occurs from rolling over bumps, and you’ll be better able to maneuver your feet. Remember the bend should be slight. Your knees shouldn’t completely cover your toes when you look down.

3. Position Your Feet with Your Toes Out

You might not see penguins along Hermosa Beach, but this is the perfect time to mimic their walk. The best foot position for skating is with your toes pointed slightly outward and your heels inward. You can practice walking on grass or carpet in this position. Then gradually move to a smoother surface where you can practice pushing one foot outward and gliding on the other one until you develop an alternating rhythm with each leg.

4. Learn How to Fall Correctly

Falling isn’t necessarily inevitable while skating, but most skaters will experience a surprise meetingwith the ground at some point. The ideal way to fall is forward in a way that allows you to land on one knee and continue to slide forward until you stop. If you fall backward, you’ll want to try to land on one side of your buttocks to avoid putting too much pressure on your tailbone.

5. Practice Braking

You’ll find there are several techniques you can use to stop yourself from rolling along at full speed. For instance, you can place one of your feet behind and perpendicular to the other. This has the effect of creating friction that slows you down. Toe stops are also helpful for braking, but you’ll want to know how to use them correctly. In most cases, turning around and allowing the toe stop to drag as you move backward is the best way to avoid reaching a sudden stop that causes you to fall. As you gain experience, you’ll learn which technique works in specific situations.

6. Keep at It

You won’t turn into a professional skater in a day, but you can start gliding along with fair confidence within a couple of hours. Remember it takes time to get used to the sensation of rolling. If you come across an obstacle, it’s perfectly fine to penguin-walk around it until you feel more confident handling hills and bumps along the path.

Whether you’re a veteran skater or you’re just learning to roller skate, Hermosa Beach is the perfect place for you. You can bring your own skates or stop by and rent a pair from Beach Bound Sports. From bodyboards to cooler chairs, we have everything you need to enjoy your best beach day ever. We pride ourselves on our amazing service, brand-new high-quality equipment, and convenience that allows beachgoers to spend more of their time beachside. Hermosa Beach, CA, visitors should stop by or call us today at 424-777-4821.

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