5 Ways for Your Family to Have a Blast in Hermosa Beach

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5 ways for your family to have a blast in hermosa

Making the time to get away for a weekend or longer is ideal for spending quality time with family. Hermosa Beach welcomes families to enjoy some fun under the California sun while rejuvenating. The location offers a number of activities family members can participate in together.

1. Tour the Area by Bike

The South Bay Bicycle Trail starts at Will Rogers State Beach and runs to Torrance County Beach. The 22-mile stretch includes Hermosa Beach and offers the chance to enjoy amazing coastal views while getting a bit of exercise. Traveling part or all of the route by e-bike enables individuals of all fitness levels to participate in the activity. The trail also connects to the 14-foot wide Strand, which is lined with various shops, eateries, and beach equipment rental facilities, including shops that offer high-quality Hermosa beach bike rentals. The Strand welcomes walkers along with individuals who are avid rollerblading and skateboarding enthusiasts.

2. Sled the Dunes

While there are natural dunes within close proximity to the pier, the formations grow taller in November. Each year, the Parks and Recreation Department builds the berms up to prevent flooding during the winter rainy season. Locals and guests alike venture to the sand mounds to enjoy gliding down the formations. The variety of items used to careen down the dunes include disc saucers, sleds, toboggans, sandboards, and anything having a laminated or waxed bottom. The dunes at Hermosa Beach are particularly ideal for younger sledding enthusiasts.

3. Play Ball Sports

Rent a volleyball and join or start a game on the beach. Hermosa Beach also has dozens of ball courts in parks across the community. Perhaps acquire a soccer ball and teach youngsters the sport at Valley Park. The location encompasses more than five acres, which includes large grassy expanses where you can enjoy games. When the sun goes down, have a picnic and roast marshmallows around one of the fire pits.

4. Get Creative

The entire family is welcome to explore their inner artists while spending time together at the Art Zone. The Studio Together program enables parents and children to create works of art using clay, ink, paint, and other provided materials. Instructors are on hand to offer encouragement and suggest project ideas. The facility also has designated areas where young visitors can play dress-up, play in a mud kitchen, or have fun in the water wonders room.

5. Enjoy Eats & Treats

Hermosa Beach has approximately three dozen dining venues that appeal to a wide range of tastes. The Brews Hall is a popular family-friendly restaurant. At this venue, diners may choose from a Mexican menu, a burger menu, a pizza menu, or a sandwich menu, as the facility has four restaurants in one. Later, take everyone for a frozen treat at the Baked Bear or Paciugo for authentic Italian gelato or ice cream. If you and your family are planning to enjoy a vacation in Hermosa Beach, you won’t need to carry a lot of gear with you. Just stop by and see the friendly folks at Beach Bound Sports, located right near the beach. Whether they’re looking for beach chairs, towels, coolers, water bottles, or bike rentals, Hermosa Beach visitors can find everything they need in our convenient shop. We’re dedicated to providing excellent service and optimal convenience so you can spend your time enjoying the beach. For information about our services and products, give us a call today at 424-777-4821.

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