5 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Trip with Kids

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5 Tips for a Fun Family Beach Trip with Kids

The only thing better than a day at the beach is a day at the beach with your family. If your family includes young children though, then you may be worried that the cons of spending time at the beach outweigh the pros.

Beach Bound exists to help people enjoy our hometown of Hermosa Beach. Typically, that means offering the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa, but today it means sharing what we’ve learned from living and working in Southern California’s best beach town.

Check it out below, then visit us in Hermosa Beach for all your bike and beach rentals! 

Bring Easy-to-Carry Coolers and Chairs

Don’t wear yourself out carrying your beach gear from your car to the sand. Instead, use easy-to-carry gear that will make getting to the beach a breeze.

For example, bulky Styrofoam coolers require two hands to carry them, especially when they’re loaded with ice, drinks, and food. A backpack cooler like those sold and rented out at Beach Bound not only makes it easier to carry your drinks and snacks, but they also free up your hands so that you can make fewer trips from the car to the sand.

Don’t forget about backpack beach chairs and beach wagons that make getting your family’s beach gear to the sand easy!

Bring Extra Water (In a Sustainable/Reusable Water Bottle!) 

No matter what you or your family member’s favorite drink is, everyone needs hydration when they’re playing in the sun.

Juices, sports drinks, and soft drinks may be quick favorites, but the best way to make sure you and your family enjoy the entire day is by keeping them hydrated and water does that better than anything else. 

Try to do your part in keeping our beaches clean by bringing a sustainable, reusable water bottle. Don’t have one? We got you! We sell reusable water bottles here at Beach Bound Sports.


Have a Plan Away from the Beach

We all love the Southern California sun, but too much sun can keep you from enjoying the beach.

One of the best things about Hermosa Beach is the fact that there are dozens of shops and restaurants lining the beach, which means you have options out of the sun. Avoid the hottest parts of the day by picking a store or restaurant to visit in Hermosa Beach to get out of the sun and mix up your beach activities!

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Avoid the Mid-Day Sun

Speaking of the sun, during summer it can become uncomfortable and even dangerous to sit or play in the sunshine for an entire day. Make sure to grab some of the Sun Bum products we offer here at Beach Bound! 

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One of the best ways to avoid getting burnt out by the sun at the beach is by avoiding it when it’s at its hottest. That tends to be during the middle of the day, so plan your visit for the morning or afternoons when the heat is less intense. You’ll be more comfortable, and you may even catch a beautiful sunset!

Always Watch Your Family in the Water

The ocean is a blast to play in, but even in safe conditions you should always keep an eye on your family members when they’re in or around the water.

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Always pay attention to the colored flags near lifeguard stations that tell you the ocean conditions, and go into the water with a partner.  

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