5 Tips for A Child’s First Bike Ride

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Tips for A Child's First Bike Ride

We all know that you don’t forget how to ride a bike, but many adults do forget how hard it is to actually learn how to ride!

Beach Bound exists to help people enjoy Hermosa Beach as much as we do, which for many means biking down the Strand. Although we rent out bike trailers for children who can’t ride a bike yet, we also know that every parent wants their kid to experience riding a bike for the first time.

That’s why the Beach Bound team has put together a quick list of 5 tips to help parents teach their kids to ride a bike below. Check it out, get the child in your life rolling, and then rent them a bike from Beach Bound for the fastest and friendliest bike and beach rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Know When They’re Ready to Ride

Learning to ride a bike can be scary, but if you have the skills to balance on two wheels then it can quickly become a blast. The question is how to know when someone is ready to learn.

While having the strength and coordination to ride a bike is key, the most important part of learning how to ride a bike is to actually want to ride one. No matter how well you teach them, kids are going to fall while learning and it may take several tries before they feel comfortable.

That’s why the best way to make sure they make it through the learning stage is by choosing a time when they have a sincere desire to learn!

Find a Bike that Fits Them

Before they can ride, kids must be able to touch the ground while standing over their bike as well as comfortably reach the handle bars. That’s why you would rather have a bike that is slightly too small rather than one that is too big for a kid’s first ride. Plus, kids need to be able to easily reach the ground and handlebars to comfortably stop moving as well as to steer, so it’s safer for them to ride a smaller bike rather than a large one.

Find a Safe Place to Learn

The ideal place for a kid to learn to bike is somewhere that is flat, has no pedestrian or auto traffic, and is wide enough for them to swerve without hitting any obstacles.

Empty parking lots and driveways are a great choice for this reason, but wherever you choose should be somewhere that allows your kid to focus completely on balancing on the bike.

Make Sure They have a Helmet that Fits

Everyone falls while learning to ride a bike, so there is no question of if kids need a helmet while learning. Not only do they need a helmet, but they need one that fits properly.

A properly fitting helmet will sit level on a head and feel snug but not too tight. You should also always buckle the chin strap of the helmet to ensure that it works as designed in case of a fall, so if the chin strap makes the helmet too tight or isn’t working properly then you’ll need to find a new helmet!

Push, Glide, Then Ride

Lastly, once your kid is on the bike, have them learn to balance on two wheels by simply pushing themselves around with their feet. As they get more comfortable, they can lift their feet up and glide as long as they can balance. As they progress and get more comfortable, you can encourage them to try pedaling.

Don’t forget to take your time teaching how to ride, and give plenty of encouragement as kids learn to love riding a bike!

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