5 Things to Know Before Buying a Bike Helmet

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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Bike Helmet

When people ride bikes in Hermosa Beach, they do so to relax and clear their mind while riding along Southern California’s best beach. Can you really have a clear mind if your head isn’t protected though?

Riding a bike along the Strand or anywhere else in Hermosa Beach is a fun and relaxing, which is why we love renting bikes and e-bikes out right here in Hermosa. Still, accidents do happen, so if you want to put your mind at ease as much as possible when you ride in Hermosa Beach then you need to protect your head with a helmet.

To help you do just that, the Beach Bound team has put together a list of the five most important things to know before you buy or rent a bike helmet. Check it out, and then stop by the Beach Bound Shop for the fastest and friendliest bike and beach rentals in Hermosa Beach!

When to Replace Your Helmet

Most people renting helmets won’t have one of their own, but if your helmet is no longer safe then you’ll need to rent one before riding!

Bike helmets have a shelf life, typically at least 5 years, during which they’re considered safe to use. However, if a bike helmet has already absorbed a serious impact from a fall then it won’t protect your head the way it’s designed to, so make sure your bike helmet is both undamaged and not past its shelf life before you ride!

The Right Helmet for Your Type of Riding

When you think of a bicycle helmet, you likely see a commuter helmet in your head. However, there are other types of bicycle helmets for different types of riding that you need to know about.

For example, when riding on the Strand in Hermosa Beach, you only need a commuter helmet since the riding is casual. If you’re riding on a road and you want to make each peddle as efficient, comfortable, and safe as possible though, then you’ll need a road helmet which provides ventilation and extra protection around the front and side of the helmet while remaining lightweight. Similarly, a mountain bike helmet will provide protection around your entire head.

There are other types of helmets for different bike riding, so make sure you look up the right type for your ride!

Take the Time to Size

Even if you have a safe helmet that matches the type of riding you’re doing, it won’t protect you if it doesn’t fit correctly!

A bicycle helmet should fit your head without moving around, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Helmets come in different sizes and have adjustable features to make sure that every head has a helmet that fits it, but the easiest way to make sure that a helmet fits your head correctly is by simply putting it on and moving it around. The helmet shouldn’t be so tight that it doesn’t move at all, but it also shouldn’t move easily.

Size Your Helmet Down if in Between Sizes

Even with all the helmets out there, your head still might fall in between sizes. If that happens, then err on the side of being too small and size down instead of sizing up.

Know What Features You Want

Helmets also come with different features like vents which open and close, adjustable sizing systems, and camera mounts. Before you buy a bike helmet, take the time to know what features you need so that you can make the most of your ride!

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