5 Things to Do in Hermosa Beach on Spring Break

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5 Things to Do in Hermosa Beach on Spring Break

There’s nothing quite like feeling the first warm spring breeze after a long winter. Even here in Hermosa Beach where we enjoy an endless summer next to the beach, when spring rolls around we can’t help but head to the sand and enjoy the first taste of warmer weather.

Don’t worry If you’re not lucky enough to live near a beach as beautiful as Hermosa, because spring break is the perfect excuse to leave town and head towards the beach for an early preview of summer. Check out our guide to the best things to do in Hermosa Beach below so that you and your family, friends, or both can make the most of your spring break in Hermosa Beach. Once you’re here, stop by the Beach Bound shop for the fastest and friendliest beach and bike rentals in Hermosa Beach!

Have a Beach Day at Hermosa Beach

Whether your spring break only includes a pit stop or an entire week at Hermosa, a visit to the beach is a must.

Hermosa Beach’s shoreline has all the natural beauty you would expect from a Southern California beach only steps away from a city that is obsessed with beach culture. Whether you see it from the amount of people enjoying the sun, sand, and water on the shoreline, in the murals all over town, or anything in between, visiting Hermosa Beach’s coast is a must for any beach lover. 

If that’s not enough, enjoying the beach at Hermosa is easy thanks to Beach Bound. We gladly deliver beach and bike gear to the beach and boardwalk so that you don’t have to carry it in your car or to the beach from the parking lot. Click here to learn more about beach delivery in Hermosa Beach!

Play Beach Volleyball

We mentioned that Hermosa Beach is obsessed with beach culture, and nowhere is that better represented than with amount of public volleyball courts that line the beach.

There are dozens of first-come, first-serve beach volleyball courts up and down the Hermosa Beach shoreline, so finding a court is typically fast and easy. From there you can play a competitive or fun game with your friends, family, or people you meet on the sand to get a true beach experience!

Try Riding an E-Bike

E-Bikes allow riders to bike further, faster, and with less effort, which is why we love renting them out to everyone who visits Hermosa Beach.

Try renting one from the Beach Bound shop and rediscover just how fun riding a bike can be!

Bike and Brunch

Can’t decide between enjoying the beach or the city of Hermosa Beach? Do both by biking the Strand.

The Strand is a paved biking and walking path that runs between the City of Hermosa Beach and the beach itself. Since most of Hermosa Beach is within easy biking distance of the beach, you can easily bike on the Strand to any restaurant in the area and enjoy a meal without dealing with parking or traffic.

One of the Beach Bound team’s favorite places to bike in Hermosa Beach is to wherever we’re eating brunch. Between the cool morning air, sunshine, and incredible local food options, biking to brunch in Hermosa Beach is a can’t miss spring break activity!

Enjoy The Nightlife

If your spring break group enjoys nights out, then Hermosa Beach has plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs to keep you entertained!

Start near Pier Plaza and work your way around the area until you find the perfect place to enjoy Hermosa Beach’s famous nightlife!


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